Blast Royale begins soft launch

NFT battle royale game Blast Royale is coming to its mainnet with a soft launch and exciting new changes

Blast Royal begins the soft launch of its highly anticipated NFT Battle Royale. The game has a devoted following, with around 15,000 followers on Twitter, so it’s safe to assume its fans are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for news about its latest event.

The soft launch also comes with the launch of Blast Hub, enabling players to trade, sell and buy NFT devices using $BLST (Battle Royale’s native token). Using Polygon as their native blockchain, the game uses the game’s NFT system to let players own their Crypto assets.

So you can kick your enemies in the ass with the various NFT weapons in the game. Making you money while potentially making your enemies cry (in a good way).

The introduction of the soft launch will also introduce an exciting new currency called coins. Coins are — well, we don’t quite know yet. So far, the developer has only advised its loyal fanbase to stay tuned for the release of new information on what users can do with the currency.

The event will also introduce many new balance changes, bug fixes, and UI/UX fixes. Starting with the balance changes, the game might look a little different considering the default movement speed has been reduced from 2.75 to 2.5. Additionally, specific gun changes have been added to all guns, so you’ll have to adjust a bit for the new weapon changes.

Some quality of life changes have also been added to improve the overall experience of the game. Also, the game’s icon has been changed based on community votes. So if you have any complaints please remember this is a community vote. If you’re curious about the details, you can visit blastroyale for the full patch notes.

Blast Royal is like classic web 2 Battle Royale shooters like Fortnite and Realm Royale. However, since it’s in web3, NFTs are integrated into games as items you use in the game, such as weapons, shields, and clothing.

This allows players to take Crypto ownership of their in-game items, enabling them to monetize them with the introduction of Blast Hub. The game is being developed by a AAA game development studio called First Light Games.

Blast Royale is one of many highly anticipated blockchain games of late. The game aims to appeal to the many fans of the web2 battle royale genre and spice it up with Crypto ownership and revenue to appeal to a wider audience.

The soft launch kicks off with balance changes and an online marketplace — yes, Blast Royale is in full swing, ready for the challenges that await the crypto game.

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