Bitnile Parent Company Launches Metaverse Platform

Bitnile Parent Company Launches Metaverse Platform

Bitnile’s holding company, Ault Alliance, has announced the launch of a metaverse platform accessible in over 176 countries. According to a press statement, the platform can be accessed through a computer browser and does not involve pixel broadcasting.

BitNile Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holding company whose goal is to grow through the acquisition of low-cost businesses and innovative technologies that impact the entire world. Through its wholly and majority-owned subsidiaries and strategic investments, BitNile owns and operates a data center where Bitcoin is mined and provides mission-critical products that support a variety of industries, including oil exploration, crane services, defense/ Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, Medical/Biopharma, Consumer Electronics, Hospitality Operations and Textiles.

In addition to this, BitNile also provides credit to many different start-up businesses through a subsidiary that is licensed to provide funding. Users can access customization and gear, enjoy 3D games, and purchase tangible and Crypto products.

Ault executive director Milton Ault III was quoted in the statement as saying he was “thrilled” with the feedback on the platform so far. “While we’re still in the early access phase of our release and still have a long way to go, we’re looking forward to rolling out some amazing new features, games, and exciting rewards in the coming weeks,” the company said.

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