Bithumb’s largest shareholder, Vident, confirms that it is in talks with FTX to acquire Bithumb

Bithumb’s largest shareholder, Vident, confirmed that it is negotiating with FTX on the acquisition of Bithumb, “discussing all possibilities such as sale, exercise of pre-emptive rights, acquisition or joint operation, or will re-disclose relevant information when specific matters are decided within a month. It is reported that Vident has a 10.23% stake in Bithumb Korea and a 34.22% stake in Bithumb Holdings, the holding company of Bithumb Korea. Earlier on July 23, according to Bloomberg, citing sources, crypto trading platform FTX was in talks to acquire South Korean cryptocurrency trading platform Bithumb. “We cannot confirm anything at this stage,” a Bithumb spokesperson said. A spokesman for FTX declined to comment. (Korea Economic Daily)

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