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Trading has traditionally been a solo activity for most retail investors, so the barrier to entry is relatively high. Information about trading instruments and market conditions is often difficult to come by, or at other times too complex for beginners to grasp. At Bitget, the organization is determined to remove this barrier by turning trading into a social collaboration event that investors can participate in together.

To further enhance the social trading experience, the Bitget team recently launched two new services: Bitget Insights and Bitget Strategy Plaza. Both platforms allow traders to more easily share their knowledge and opinions on market conditions and trends, giving users the space and opportunity to collaborate constructively. Along with other social trading products such as one-click copy trading, Bitget offers investors an edge through a range of cryptocurrency social trading features.

What is social trading?

Social trading focuses on bringing investors and traders together by combining the interconnectedness of social media platforms with the world of finance and trading. Through a platform built specifically for the industry, users can share their ideas and strategies with each other, allowing beginners to better understand what experts are doing, allowing seasoned professionals to gain a healthy following, and become an alternative source of income on Bitget .

The system allows collaborative efforts to flourish and effectively lowers the barriers to entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, while building more confidence in users as they make smarter financial decisions. The global social trading market is currently worth $2.23 billion and is expected to grow to $3.77 billion by 2028, according to market forecasts from The Insight Partners. With a projected CAGR of 7.8%, social trading is fast becoming the new face of finance, and there’s never been a better time to join the trend.

See How Pros Use Bitget Insights for Trading

While our one-click copy trading service makes users’ lives as convenient as possible, allowing them to enjoy the success of more seasoned professionals, the system has not been as successful in facilitating more trading as most social media platforms advertise. In-depth exchanges. This is where Bitget Insights steps in. In essence, the latest creation is a news feed where expert traders can share their views and opinions on market conditions and trends, explaining to their followers in more detail which positions they will be opening or closing, Also the reason behind their decision. Registered accounts can post analyzes with charts and images explaining various cryptocurrency movements and predictions they may have for the future. Through this community, beginners and amateur traders can learn more about cryptocurrency trading, while professionals can create a following for themselves, which can then be converted into more copiers or subscribers to use their strategies , thereby increasing their alternative sources of income. Now that strategies have been mentioned, let’s turn to another new version of Bitget: Strategy Plaza.

Benefit from the expertise of Bitget Strategy Plaza

Bitget Strategy Plaza builds on the success of one-click copy trading, offering greater flexibility in expert-advised trading. The latter option allows users to discover professional traders and directly copy their positions (albeit with their own risk parameters), while Strategy Plaza allows retail investors to copy any strategy created by the experts. These strategies will take the form of autonomous algorithms with set parameters that will execute trades on your behalf under the appropriate market conditions.

The benefit of this system is that because everything works autonomously, your portfolio will be optimally positioned to respond to rapid market changes in volatile conditions. It also removes the emotional aspect of the decision-making process, meaning you can rely on the objectivity of the algorithm to prevent holding on too long or closing too soon. As is the case with copy trading, there are benefits to the strategist who publishes the strategy. Each strategy you create can be sold for a price, and people who post many strategies can also set a subscription fee so followers can access all your strategies for one lump sum payment. Together with one-click copy trades and insights, Strategy Plaza offers more options and flexibility for novice investors and expert traders alike.

Why Bitcoin?

As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the derivatives space, Bitget currently serves more than 8 million users in more than 100 countries around the world. Users’ confidence and trust in Bitget has translated into more than 55,000 professional traders, guiding more than 1.1 million copy investors in our copy trading service alone. Total trading volume has now exceeded $64 billion, with traders earning $300 million and copiers earning $350 million. These numbers are expected to continue to grow with the launch of Bitget Insights and Bitget Strategy Plaza.

Of course, regardless of profits, Bitget also attaches great importance to protecting the security and privacy of users. Recently, it increased the user protection and insurance fund from US$200 million to US$300 million, including US$200 million in USDT and 6,500 BTC. Bitget is licensed to operate in several trusted jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. Our cybersecurity team also placed Bitget in the top 10 exchanges for cybersecurity by Crypto Exchange Ranks, earning us 12 A+ ratings from SSL Labs.

To start your social trading journey today, head over to Bitget’s Copy Trading or Strategy Plaza pages. Find tutorial guides on how to navigate Bitget Insights and Bitget Strategy Plaza on the website.

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