Bitcoin Up Over 7.5% Sunday – What’s the Next Key Level?

Financial markets have been rife with volatility lately, especially the uncertainty that drives it. This chaotic situation has not created a completely peaceful market environment, so it is very important to protect your funds at this time. However, Bitcoin appears to be content with this wild environment and, in fact, is strengthening in light of recent events. What controls the price of Bitcoin right now and what are the most important price levels that we will show in this article. We will also introduce 2 cryptocurrencies in the presale.

Bitcoin and its other key levels

The latest news is that two U.S. banks failed over the weekend, triggering a sell-off in stock indexes on Monday. However, Bitcoin was able to capitalize on the situation over the weekend, rising by more than 7.5%. Maybe cryptocurrencies will actually end up being a safer haven for capital than stocks in a bear market.

Bitcoin hit local bottoms before starting to strengthen, but it didn’t stay there for long. The growth itself occurs after the market has reached equilibrium between buyers and sellers, represented by drawing a candle called a do-ji, which explains the situation. Currently, Bitcoin is heading towards the $23,000 level where it may encounter resistance. Now let’s take a look at the 2 announced cryptocurrencies that are still available for early purchase.

Daily Price Chart for Bitcoin Crypto - BTC/USDDaily Price Chart for Bitcoin Crypto – BTC/USD

2 interesting cryptocurrencies in presale

TARO – RobotEra project

The first cryptocurrency we will cover in this article is the TARO cryptocurrency. TARO is the native token of the RobotEra project, a new blockchain-based game-earning metaverse game that is wildly popular in the gaming industry. This gaming platform offers its players fun ways to interact, Crypto land and assets, unconventional game features, and of course, attractive rewards.

RobotEra combines the very popular game earning model with NFT, which gives players the opportunity to earn money in the game in many possible ways. For example, players can sell NFTs, stake, dig minerals, grow rare plants, sell tickets for various cultural performances and sports competitions, or run advertising campaigns.

Players can also look forward to the excellent game design of the RobotEra project, which is sure to keep them excited. Players will be teleported to the virtual planet Taro in the game. That’s where the whole story takes place. The planet Taro will see a battle between its original inhabitants and the invading robots, which they will win, but at the expense of the natives and the planet Taro.

Players will use avatars that represent robots so they can begin rebuilding life on the planet with the help of the local inhabitants. After players create their avatar, they can start buying land, in-game items, and other assets that give them the best chance to fight and earn money. All assets in the entire ecosystem are built on top of NFT. Therefore, players will be able to easily own, sell and buy their assets at any time.

RobotEra’s ecosystem transactions are powered by the native TARO token, which investors and players can use to buy virtual land, build, buy and sell NFTs and other assets. Investors can now buy Taro tokens at 0.020 USDT in the presale.

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CCHG – C+Charge project

The second cryptocurrency is CCHG, which is the native token of the C+Charge project. The token became one of the most talked about green tokens on the pre-sale market within a few weeks.


The C+Charge project is developing a new payment solution platform based on blockchain technology with the aim of opening up the carbon credit market more to small consumers, in this case electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The platform is built on the BNB Smart Chain with the main goal of simplifying and streamlining the entire EV charging process.

The platform provides EV drivers with an all-in-one C+Charge app that connects them to the charging network, makes it easier for drivers to track and schedule charging, as well as pay for EV charging directly from the app’s cryptocurrency wallet. With the app, EV drivers can also get real-time information about charging station availability, prices or energy consumption, which can help them avoid unexpected expenses.

The native token of the project is CCHG token, which is mainly used for EV charging payment. However, carbon credits on C+Charge will also be enabled based on holding CCHG tokens. Investors looking to add this cryptocurrency to their portfolio should not hesitate too long and participate in the pre-sale as soon as possible. The current price of CCHG tokens in the pre-sale is 0.019 USDT, in fact it will automatically increase again in the next few days. Over $2.7 million has been raised in the presale. In addition, C+Charge has prepared a $50,000 worth of CCHG token competition for fans.

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