Bitcoin rises above $21,000 as shorts are squeezed out and returns to pre-SVB price levels

  • Bitcoin hit a new high on March 12, reaching $21,500, as futures markets prepare to open in the next few hours.
  • Nearly $100 million in liquidations occurred in the last 24 hours
  • The market has been broadly shorting Bitcoin for the past few days.
  • And the accumulation of spot bitcoin is also happening at the same time.

Liquidation: (Source: Coinglass)Liquidation: (Source: Coinglass)BTC Price: (Source: ZeroHedge)BTC Price: (Source: ZeroHedge) Latest Report Silvergate: Postmortem Analysis

A new report from CryptoSlate dissects the dying cryptocurrency bank to understand why it collapsed and how other banking giants have died with Silvergate.

Andjela Radmilac · 1 day ago Silvergate: An afterthought

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