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Technical Analysis BTC Price

The past few days have proven to be crucial for the price of Bitcoin. Wild volatility ensued, forcing Crypto Insiders analysts to immediately revisit the charts. They are now able to provide clearer information to Premium members:

“What caused the situation to change? This question makes sense and we explained it in our previous emergency update on March 10th. BTC price action is so volatile that we can no longer act like we are in a bullish trend I’m used to talking about healthy adjustments and profit-taking.

The economy will come under further pressure, which means companies will be less likely to choose risky assets. Therefore, large sums of money will not find their way into crypto. Only retail investors are maintaining the market right now, which is a very bearish indicator.

Major support areas were ignored, which caused market makers and other traders to go into defensive mode. For BTC we are now seeing a larger 12345 Elliott wave pattern emerging and we are currently still in the first down wave. ”

As a result, analysts fear more setbacks for the top cryptocurrency. In the Premium environment, you can read a broader analysis of Bitcoin, how far the price has fallen, and comparisons to stock markets like Nasdaq and Dow Jones.

The analysis is from March 11. In our Premium environment, analytics are typically shared 48 hours in advance, so they may be slightly out of date.

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