Bitcoin NFT Ranks 2nd Among All Blockchain Sales in Last 7 Days

The sales of NFT saw a slight increase last week, a slight increase of about 1.46% compared with the previous week. From April 29, 2023 to May 6, 2023, the cumulative value of NFT sales reached $149.31 million. Still, sales beat expectations in the most recent week, with sales jumping 31.22%. NFT sales reached $208.17 million during this seven-day time interval. The massive increase in NFT sales this week can be attributed to the emergence of NFTs originating from the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin-based NFT sales are gaining momentum, and according to cryptoslam data recorded on May 14, 2023, Bitcoin NFT sales have become a major contributor to the Crypto collectibles sales segment across 21 different blockchains. Ethereum NFT sales continued to dominate, with $111.26 million in NFT sales; however, the runner-up spot was taken by Bitcoin-based NFTs, also known as ordinal inscriptions. Data shows that Bitcoin NFT sales reached $53,433,451, ranking second among the 21 blockchains. Bitcoin NFT sales jumped 187.54% compared to the previous week.

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