Bitcoin is about to take a direction on November 20th; a big K-line is about to appear on the market, can we still buy more if we back down?

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I am an orange; if you are in the process of chasing ups and downs, then you might as well slow down your mentality and learn how to accumulate less and make more; than you are a small snowball, there is a starting point in the forest and snowfield, and you are not sure where to roll. But you might as well roll up first. There is snow everywhere anyway, and it will thicken wherever you roll. You may have taken a detour, or later found out that you were going in the wrong direction, but in the end you became stronger and turned into a big snowball. Once you get bigger, it will always be faster to go where you want to go. To fly, you must first have the belief to fly. Without this belief, you will never be able to fly. But as long as you have the belief to fly and work hard, you may be able to fly. The same is true for success. To succeed, we must first have the belief in success, and then we must continue to work hard for this belief. If we achieve these two points, success will not be far away from us.

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