Bitcoin implementation in Argentina could become a reality

Argentina’s president-elect Javier Milley made it clear during his political campaign that he supported cryptocurrencies, saying in an interview, “BitcoinRepresents the return of money to its original creator: the private sector.” Correspondent Tucker Carlson. Additionally, on Monday, Bitcoin spokesperson and author Andres made it clear that this is a tangible reality for the country .

In an interview with BTC Andrés, he assured that far-right economist Javier Milei could consider using Bitcoin to improve the country’s economy. “I think Milei already has the freedom of choice or what he calls free money, and under these terms and conditions does not rule out the existence of Bitcoin, but he sees Bitcoin as a way to prevent central banks from continuing to perpetrate “some kind of scam.” tool. ”

Furthermore, he added: “Central banks must be abolished because politicians use them to impose a kind of inflation tax, which is the country’s daily bread,” Andrés commented.

While the author is enthusiastic about the possibility of Argentina joining the list of countries using the parent cryptocurrency as legal tender, he also mentions the fact that Bitcoin is much bigger than any sitting politician.

“Interestingly, the country may be considering joining the list of countries using Bitcoin as legal tender, but the problem for politicians is that at some point, when the mandate ends, someone can say this Bitcoin thing is not a good idea, They deleted it and that was it. “Bitcoin depends on people, certain things can happen, and you have to understand that Bitcoin is much more important than the politicians’ stories,” he said.

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Argentina has been dealing with rising inflation of over 100%. In recent years, the government has imposed strict controls on the entry of U.S. dollars into the country, leading to a thriving black market in foreign and alternative currencies. Yes, over the past few years many Argentines have found a certain investment refuge in the world of cryptocurrencies and, thanks to the growth of these assets, have overcome or fought against inflation.

Given the economic realities the country is experiencing, economists and analysts have raised the possibility that the country could be dollarized to soften the blow the economy is experiencing and put crypto usage on hold, adding that “people end up using products that generate minimal Friction stuff and using tools that allow them to make ends meet,” he said.

It’s this moment in history, whether they’re cryptocurrencies or the U.S. dollar, and it will be interesting to know what strategies the new Argentine government will pursue to get the country out of the unstable and inflationary economic situation that now grips Argentines.

Argentina’s newly elected president, Javier Mire, may consider adopting Bitcoin to improve the country’s economy.

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