Bitcoin: Fry and Bender Mining in Futurama Series

Welcome to Bitcoin Planet Over the years, Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies have been incorporated into pop culture serials. The cryptocurrency king has made multiple appearances on The Simpsons or South Park. But this time around, the entire plot of Futurama is centered around Satoshi’s inventions, and more specifically, his mining.

Welcome to Doge City: Den of BTC Miners in the 3000s

While some anime and TV shows include an endorsement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it rarely reaches the point where it becomes the main thread of an entire episode. However, this was the case for the Futurama episode titled “How the West 1010001” aired on August 7, 2023.

In a new season of Planet Express adventures that aired recently, our interstellar deliveryman travels to a distant planet in a very distinct Wild West and gold rush style. The only big difference? This is because you meet bitcoin miners there.

In the episode’s trailer (excerpt below), we see Fry, Bender, and the whole gang arrive at a mining village called “DOGE CITY,” referring of course to the model with the famous smiling Shiba logo Coin: Dogecoin.

In the latest episode of Futurama, bitcoin has been in the spotlight, but it has also been criticized.The Planet Express team landed on the planet of Bitcoin miners

Bitcoin: The ‘Dungeon Pyramid Scam’ From Futurama

Unfortunately, the Futurama authors then fell into the cliché of “energy-intensive” Bitcoin mining. When the heroes searched for thallium for cryptocurrency mining chips, it was learned that BTC miners “use so much energy that they ionize the atmosphere of the planet in question.”

Likewise, the usual (but not current) high volatility of Bitcoin prices has been criticized several times during this event. It’s still fair game, but the author even has Leela tell Professor Farnsworth that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are “a dungeon pyramid scheme.”more than a low blow

On its own, twisting robot Bender seems to have a gold thirst for BTC, and if we are to believe the image below, also taken from this “cryptocurrency” episode… unless it acts as a bitcoin wallet on its lap?

After the gold rush, Futurama ushered in a bitcoin boom.Bender, a bitcoin hardware wallet

If we didn’t recognize the Wild West side of the crypto industry until a few years ago, and we’re excited to see Futurama characters again, some spades have been especially violent for the crypto space. Likewise, we have broken down this cliché many times about the electricity consumption of cryptocurrency mining. But we don’t blame the writers of the Fry and Planet Express adventures. They are no longer experts in the field. But most importantly, they are influenced by mainstream media views that are fundamentally anti-encryption.

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