Bitcoin breaks resistance at $25,000, continues to rise – March 14, 2023.

Bitcoin continues to scare the counters as it rises above $26,000 – The king of cryptocurrencies continues to climb this Tuesday, March 14th. Operators are awaiting the release of inflation data (CPI index) from the US. The publication agreed with the consensus, with inflation falling to 6%. This pushed the price of bitcoin soaring above $26,000.

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Bitcoin price rises 7.5% in 24 hours

Today, Bitcoin (BTC) price is fluctuating between $24,000 and $26,400. Another day for the king of cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin is up 7.5% in 24 hours.Bitcoin performance against different currency pairs Source: CoincheckUp

Within 24 hours, BTC was up 7.5% against the USD, and within a week, the price was up 15.5%. In three months, Bitcoin is up 42%, trying to make us forget about the bear market. Currently, Bitcoin is performing slightly better than Ethereum (up 2.85% in a month).

Bitcoin Price Rises, Sellers Are Liquidated

Some market participants use leverage, which should be handled with caution. In fact, some left feathers there, as evidenced by this chart of recovering liquidation amounts:

On March 13, $80 million was liquidated.Bitcoin liquidation source: Coinglass

On March 13, the short side liquidated no less than $80 million in total. Today, the charts show more or less the same amount.After a complicated year, the bulls are getting their revenge

Bitcoin Breaks Resistance at $25,000, $28,500 Next?

In yesterday’s edition, the possibility of a return to $25,000 was mentioned. Bitcoin fared better, it broke resistance:

Bitcoin surged above the resistance at $25,000.Bitcoin to USD price (4H)

Now, the next strong resistance is at $28,500. If buyers hold the support at $25,000, the price of Bitcoin may meet this resistance (+14%). Still be careful, it is not ruled out that buyers take profits and the price breaks below the support level. If so, a return to the next support at $23,900 cannot be ruled out. The RSI is at resistance and is in the overbought zone. So far, there are no signs of divergence, but momentum is starting to overheat.

Bitcoin broke through the $25,000 resistance level, and if buyers push the price could eventually reach $28,500. The market liquidated short sellers, with sellers liquidating nearly $160 million in two days.

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