Bitcoin breaks 200-week moving average, 2.7 million BTC in profit again

The price of Bitcoin has risen sharply in recent days. This growth brought the cryptocurrency back above its 200-week moving average (MA) for the first time since June 2022. According to cryptocurrency analyst James van Straten, this is a significant development.

Bitcoin is back above the 200-week moving average

The chart shared by Van Straten on Twitter shows the price of Bitcoin over the past few years, including various MAs. This indicator is commonly used by traders and investors to identify trends and potential trade entry and exit points. The 200-week moving average is a particularly important indicator as it is seen as an important support or resistance level for BTC prices.

In addition to this breakthrough, the analyst also mentioned two other developments. For example, long-term holder realized prices (LTH) are considered. The indicator takes into account the average price at which long-term Bitcoin holders buy Bitcoin, providing insight into the overall sentiment and health of the market. Finally, the 365-day moving average was broken.

2.7 million bitcoins rise again after price increase

The recent rally is good news for Bitcoin investors. According to a tweet by blockchain analytics platform Glassnode, Bitcoin’s recent price increase has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of BTC that is now at a positive price. The tweet noted that the price increase resulted in more than 2.7 million bitcoins starting to be profitable. This is an important indicator as it also provides insight into the overall sentiment and health of the Bitcoin market.

Additionally, the tweet suggests that this means that approximately 20% of Bitcoin’s adjusted circulating supply was purchased in the $20,000 to $26,000 region. This suggests that many investors and traders see the price of Bitcoin as an attractive buying opportunity, and may indicate that this area could serve as a support level for the crypto going forward. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin EUR price on Bitvavo is 23,809 EUR.

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