Bitcoin and Ethereum Prepare for Wild Bull Rally, According to Recognized Analyst

The analyst, nicknamed DonAlt, stands out with his correct prediction of Bitcoin’s (BTC) last low of $16,000, saying the cryptocurrency is preparing for a wild bull rally.

Recognized analyst DonAlt has included prominent signals of encryption in his recent social media posts. Despite the banking crisis in the U.S. in recent weeks, the recovery in crypto is setting the stage for a strong bull rally, he said.

If bitcoin breaks weekly resistance at $24,300 and closes above the region, the analyst, who has set a target for the next resistance at $32,200, stressed that he will be watching the process closely.

Mentioning the importance of the third test for the $24,000 band, the analyst said he would not be selling at this point and wanted to try his luck and see what happens.

Selling on the third test of $24,000? No thanks, I’d rather take my chances.

Making similar comments about Ethereum, DonAlt described the sudden rise of Ethereum, which fell to $1,379 last week due to the FUD incident, and used the expression “crazy” to recapture the $1,600 band.

The analyst added that if ethereum breaks through the $1,740 resistance level where it sits, it could rise to $2,500. DonAlt emphasized that his analysis was relevant to macroeconomic markets and that financial data should be closely watched, and warned investors of the risks they would be taking.

Bitcoin has gained 10.4 percent to $25,978 over the past 24 hours, while ethereum has gained 6.5 percent to $1,753, according to data from CoinGecko.

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