Bishengtuan: Live video on 11.24, accurate bottom-buying of Bitcoin, and idea of ​​Ethereum in line with expectations

Every day, I will share my personal operation suggestions to the end of the official account to share with fans. Whether it is right or wrong yesterday, the replay is the past. Today we continue to move forward side by side

Click the link to watch the video: Bishengtuan: 11.24 live video, accurate bottom-buying of Bitcoin, and the idea of ​​Ethereum in line with expectations

Pay attention to the Bishengtuan official account: Opportunities are created in different periods of time every day, why rush for a while, the original intention has never changed, while creating profits, concentrate on professionally grasping risk control, let investment generate value, go long-term, and live up to the previous encounters and trust , I have real-time guidance every day. If you have any questions online 24 hours a day, you can leave a message. All strategy ideas are open for free.


Good at style, mobile lock-up tactics around high and low support and pressure

Short-term swing highs and lows, medium and long-term trend orders, daily line limit retracement, weekly K top forecast, monthly top forecast

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