Bishengmaofu: It is not a dream that the three waves on the 1.25 day line will step back and step on to further impact 2000

It is now 1:25 a.m. on January 25th, Beijing time, which is our fourth day of the Lunar New Year. The current ETH quotation is around 1616, and the BTC quotation is around 22912.

Market analysis:

First of all, we will continue to conduct consolidation analysis. The overall market has experienced hardships since the beginning of January and finally ushered in the spring of bulls. The overall price is also rising steadily. Similarly, it is not difficult to see from the daily line that the current overall market has begun. After the reversal of the third wave, the overall high level of the first wave is around 1640, the low level of the back step is around 1500, and the depth is around 100 points. Then the high level of the second wave appears at 1680, so it is conservatively estimated that 1580 to 1560 will be the low level of the second wave. Step on the depth, so in the follow-up market, it is enough to make a fuss around 1560 to 1580 and to defend at 1500 to 1480 as a whole. Although the current MACD on the daily line is shrinking and rising, it is necessary to intervene in the three-wave category we are considering. It is also an understandable thing, and the overall market BOLL is currently approaching calm without too much fluctuation, and the low level is also repeatedly stepping back to test and build a bottom, but our current four-hour trend is about to increase the volume of bulls and we The four-hour trend line is also constantly stepping back on the BOLL on the K-line and waiting for the opening of the BOLL belt to rebound. The overall fallback space is not much, and the low position is mainly to do more, and the overall sideways and resident continued at the end of last year. It has been too long since there is room for a rebound, so wait for the return of the market heat this year and the return of mainstream funds. The market price will definitely rise again, so everyone can continue to maintain a bullish posture and continue to go up!

Strategic Analysis:

It is recommended to enter the market from 1580 to 1560 to do long, 1520 to 1500 below to make up positions, and the bottom to defend at 1480. At the same time, look at 1680 to 1660 to lighten up the position first, and then wait for the second breakthrough of 1700. At the same time, you can consider selling short at the current price Just get a stop profit near 1580! Anyone who doesn’t understand the market or has a set of orders can find TradeForce himself for guidance at any time. At present, some currency friends in the real market have already arranged to enter the market to do long!

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