Bishengmaofu: 526 fluctuates slightly upwards, but it does not mean that the bottom support of the rebound still needs to accumulate strength!

Bishengmaofu: 526 fluctuates slightly upwards, but it does not mean that the bottom support of the rebound still needs to accumulate strength!

There is no bad market, only bad operations.

It is now 9:35 p.m. on May 26th, Beijing time. The current quotation for ETH is around 1821, and the quotation for BTC is around 26505.

Market review:

The long-term strategy of Ethereum 1790 given yesterday is also a small achievement for the breakthrough strategy of standing firm at 1820. The overall highest position today is also around 1827. If the big pie is given, it will be 264 to 262 to do long, but it is a pity that the big There is enough space for the pie to enter the market, but there is not much profit margin. The overall price is only around 100 points. Therefore, the crowding space of the big pie this time is not very good. Existence, you can intervene around the pressure level as the core point around the empty order, and it is also a good choice to intervene around the bottom support or break through the pressure level on the right side for long orders! Finally, it is concluded that yesterday’s overall strategy is in the right direction but the profit is small.

Today’s analysis:

At present, the white market at the bottom is constantly oscillating. Both Ethereum and Dabing are on the support of the MA60 daily moving average. However, given that the current market is not very stable, the overall white market rise is also very slow, so the follow-up market breaks through It needs to be discussed, and the suppression of the MA60 daily moving average in the four-hour period of the current pancake is mainly concentrated around 268, which is relatively far away, but the ether is currently hovering directly at the MA60 daily moving average, and the overall situation is about to break through. The trend of the two is not the same. It is also easy to cause a relative situation, so everyone should enter the market cautiously. At the end, pay attention to the upper pressure level and short at the right time. At present, short selling is mainly based on the trend. The bottom shock accumulation is not perfect, so there is no direct upward breakthrough and heavy volume. Timely short That’s the way! But when the pressure level breaks through, it is also a good choice to take advantage of the right side to buy more. In short, observe the market and be cautious!

Strategic Analysis:

Ethereum goes short from 1828 to 1825, and at the same time stops losses from 1835 to 1840. Below, first look at 1800 breakouts and then look at 1780, and then look at 1760 first-line support. Bottom rebound situation can still go more!

Dabing considers shorting in the range of 266 to 267, and at the same time stops the loss at 269 to 270, and looks at the first stop profit position at 264 to 262 below, and at the same time, continue to hold the short position at 260 without breaking the backhand 262 to 264 and continue to buy more. It is the right side into more.

Just look at the current market for a specific analysis! Anyone who doesn’t understand the market or who has set orders can find Trade Fortune himself for guidance at any time!

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