Bisheng Trade Fu: 10.26 Yesterday’s long-term continuous 100-point profit, this week’s 1400 forecast is stable, the next step is to continue to see the daily line breakthrough

It is now 11:27 p.m. on October 25th, Beijing time. The current quotation of ETH is around 1392, and the quotation of BTC is around 19633.

Market review:

First of all, Maofu himself gave everyone a signal to go long at low positions on the evening of the 25th. It is also the old rule that the long order from 1330 to 1340 entered the market, which was given at 6:30 yesterday afternoon. Yes, when the 7:00 hour line was closed yesterday, the lowest price of the market was also 1339, and it reached the entry point given by Mofu himself, but the advice given by Mofu himself was in the range of 1345 to 1350. For those who enter the market and do more, because the market volatility is not stable and gradually rises, there is no way to fix it, so the real market recommendations are relatively stable, but in the evening, it just broke through 1400, and the range of 1380 to 1370 in the evening was still ten. From 1:00 to 9:00, the market continued to oscillate repeatedly, but then the market began to break through, and the high reached 1402 in an instant. Although Maofu himself had predicted that the meeting would reach 1400 this week, he did not expect it to be so fast, just like last night. The given take profit is in the range of 1365 to 1370, and the amount given is relatively small. From this, it can be seen that Mofu himself did not expect to rise to the position of 1400 today, so the take profit in the article is also small. Here I’m sorry everyone, but congratulations to the friends who have followed up in the real market. Basically, the real currency friends are basically after the 1380, and the trade wealth himself immediately notified the 1400 to take profit, so tonight’s real currency friends. The harvest is not bad, a small number of short-selling real currency friends, Maofu himself persuaded the increase in the evening, but failed to turn back in time, resulting in the situation of stop loss at night, here Maofu himself expressed a pity, but regardless of whether How can the ending be good, at least the market has begun to slowly go in a good direction. Normally speaking, as long as 1400 opens this head and the follow-up trend line does not break, it should be a skyrocketing pattern of no turning back. As for the previous singing For those who are in decline, I don’t give much comments here on Mofu. After all, many currency friends who join Mofu will also argue with Mofu about the follow-up market trend, and they say they are not optimistic, so it’s still time to say that. Prove everything! In the end, congratulations again to all the coin friends who have followed, congratulations to everyone who successfully won the 60 points of profit tonight, you can sleep well.

Strategic Analysis:

Although the strategy issued four hours ago has already taken profit, I still give you a little direction at night. The doji between the hour line does not form a high-level falling evening star, so the overall environment is still rising, and at the same time, it will pull back to the upper track below. The problem is not big, so it is recommended that you continue to do long at low levels. The entry point is in the range of 1380 to 1370. The trend line below 1340 can break and stop loss. If you look at 1420 to 1430 above, you can take profit and run short-term. When the market is slow by 1400 and then touch it, you can directly take profit in the range of 1400 to 1410!

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