Billionaire Bill Ackman: Silicon Valley bank depositors may get about 50% of their funds next Monday/Tuesday

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman disclosed on social media that a source he trusted revealed that Silicon Valley Bank depositors may receive about 50% of their deposits next Monday (March 13)/Tuesday (March 14). Funding, the balance will be funded with other deposits over the next 3-6 months based on realized value, if this proves to be true, a run on a large number of banks without deposit insurance is expected from Monday morning, and no company will Risk losing a dollar of deposit because there is no reward for this risk. Bill Ackman believes that the FDIC should guarantee all bank deposits and suspend on Sunday night before the Asian open, run the process to recapitalize while managing the liquidation of UST and MBS portfolios to reinvest them in short-term UST, In addition, Bill Ackman said he had no direct contact with Silicon Valley Bank.

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