Beta version of Coinbase NFT Market is live, what do we need to know?

Coinbase, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange company, has launched an NFT marketplace that is in beta. Officially, any user can access the market to explore Ethereum-based NFTs, but only a few people participating in the test can buy and sell Crypto assets.

The platform will be compatible with any custodial wallet, such as Coinbase Wallet or Little Fox, and will conduct basically instant transactions. Changes to any assets in the wallet account will notify users and comply with the Web3 industry standard expressed by the exchange.

1650507674881158Coinbase said, “ We will invite a small number of testers from the waiting list to participate, in the order of the waiting list, and over time, the NFT market will be opened to more people . Please continue to follow us, we will Gradually provide everyone with the opportunity to create profiles, buy and sell NFTs on Coinbase NFT.”

The Coinbase NFT marketplace will allow users to create profiles and connect with the NFT community, which is an important direction for Coinbase’s research and development. They argue that NFTs are “far beyond the moment of transaction.”

Many NFT projects offer their owners the opportunity to gain access to exclusive benefits and participate in related communities. NFT holders can keep in touch with like-minded investors and creators. The community usually works to improve the project and make suggestions for its future.

Coinbase is trying to extend this functionality on its platform, giving users a place to speak freely and making community conversations more dynamic .

Additionally, the Coinbase NFT marketplace will provide users with customized recommendations about other projects and facilitate project iteration as users interact with the platform.

1650507674889682In the future, the Coinbase NFT market will have more functions, including minting, airdrops, and more.

According to Coinbase, the NFT market has been developing for some time. And the Coinbase NFT marketplace tries to provide opportunities for creators and collectors.

Coinbase uses feedback from users to improve the platform, which they say wants to be built on an open environment.

In a sense, Coinbase wants users to have a different experience in their marketplace and stand out from the competition .

Coinbase said, “People don’t just want better tools to buy and sell NFTs, they want better ways to discover NFTs, find the right community, and make users feel connected to each other. That’s why we’re building A product that does more than just a transaction.”


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