Best Coins to Buy Today, October 29th – D2T, DOGE, SHIB, IMPT, RIA

On October 29, the value of crypto was a combination of green and red. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization was $2.63 trillion, up more than 6 percent from the previous day, while the total cryptocurrency market over the past 24 hours was $176 billion, down 4 percent.

The Best Coins to Buy Today, October 29

Given the recent surge in the cryptocurrency market, there are a few coins that have caught the eye and should be included in your portfolio.

let’s see

Dash 2 Transactions (D2T)

The Dash 2 Trade presale has raised over $3.1 million in less than two weeks. This sum reflects the high emphasis placed on Ethereum-based transaction intelligence platforms.

Expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023, the platform provides investors with extensive real-time analytics and social data. In less than two weeks, the Presale Phase 2 raised $3,264,191 of the $5,166,000 at 1 D2T = 0.0513 USDT.

The total supply of D2T will reach 1 billion, of which 66.5% is allocated to pre-sale. Compared to other new coins like Aptos that have no pre-sale, it appears to have committed most of the supply to its team and investors, which is a positive trend.

Dash 2 Trade has set the stage for significant growth in the coming months, thanks to its strong fundamentals and mature and experienced team.

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Dogecoin (DOGE) Soars 50%

Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.1283 with a 24-hour trading volume of $11 billion. Dogecoin is up more than 51% in the past 24 hours. CoinMarketCap now ranks 8th with a real-time market cap of $17 billion. The circulating supply is 132,670,764,300 DOGE coins, the maximum supply is unknown.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price and Token Economics – Source: Coinmarketcap

Due to the recent surge in Dogecoin’s value, reports have emerged that “Dogecoin whales” sent over $9 million worth of DOGE to cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Whale Alert, a service that monitors cryptocurrency transactions, reported that a large amount of DOGE was traded in the past day. In total, $113,000 worth of DOGE was transferred, which is about $9.4 million at the time of the exchange.

Since then, however, Dogecoin has seen a significant increase in value, up more than 50% in the past 24 hours alone, and the pile of fiat is now worth over $13 million. There is usually a single person or group responsible for such large-scale cryptocurrency transactions.

Additionally, many Dogecoin proponents want Musk to add new use cases for DOGE in the Twitter app and/or the mysterious future “App for Everything” codenamed X, he tweeted on October 4, 2022. the app.

As a result, it increased the demand for Doge, and the increased demand for Dogecoin led to this uptrend in Dogecoin.

Shiba Inu jumps more than 13%

The current Shiba Inu price is $0.000013 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.3 billion. The Shiba Inu has gained 13.87% in the past 24 hours. CoinMarketCap has a real-time market cap of $7.3 billion and is currently ranked 13th. The circulating supply is 549,063,278,876,302 SHIB coins.

Shiba Inu Price and Token Economics – Source: Coinmarketcap

A rise in the number of daily active addresses may also signal future expansion for Shiba Inu. The Shiba has seen a similar rate increase over the past week. The increased speed means that SHIBA is transferred more frequently between different locations.

As the network expands, more unique IPs start making initial SHIBA transfers. This shows that people in different zip codes are showing renewed interest in Shiba Inu.

The growing interest of whales is another aspect that could propel SHIBA to a level of growth comparable to Dogecoin.

According to data from WhaleStats, Shiba Inu was one of the most actively traded tokens among the top 2,000 ETH whales on October 28. Additionally, the top 5,000 Ethereum “whales” have a total of $94 million in SHIBA as of this writing.

Shiba Inu Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

Shiba Inu continues to have strong upside potential with a near-term target of $0.000014, a break above which could extend the upside to $0.000017. Meanwhile, support remains at $0.000012.

Investors should look for buy positions above $0.000012 today as the RSI and MACD are in buy mode.


At the time of this writing, the total demand for the second phase of the pre-sale was $25.9 million, and over $11.4 million ($11,487,393) had been raised, raising the price to $0.023.

In short, carbon emissions have never been higher in human history. Temperatures have reached record highs, directly causing problems in every corner of the globe.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on preventing environmental damage through the consumption of goods and services. One carbon credit can currently be used to offset the impact of one ton of carbon emissions.

Still, there is a huge opportunity for companies to simplify the global $27 billion-plus market for carbon offsets.

You can still participate in the pre-sale by visiting the IMPT website and purchasing some IMPT coins.

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Calvari (RIA)

Calvaria (RIA), currently in pre-sale, is another GameFi project that may be of interest to a lot of people. The project is a P2E battle card game where players can battle, earn and upgrade beautifully designed cards.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to become the dominant force on the battlefield and defeat all opponents.

Calvaria (RIA) – Source:

1 USDT currently buys 50 RIA tokens, and the project has sold 56% of the tokens, raising $759,334 in the process. Anyone interested in participating in the presale should act quickly, as the token sale is fast and may not be available for long.

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