BC.GAME Crypto Casino of the Year Unveils New Redesigned Website with Better Features

Willemstad, Curacao, October 4, 2022, Chainwire

Today, BC.GAME is announcing the launch of a new, redesigned website with more and better features for players. This is one of many BC.GAME efforts to continue to provide the best experience and satisfaction to players around the world.

BC.GAME launches a redesigned website

The main website showcases a new UI layout with a cleaner and smoother design compared to the old version. Players can also choose a different language if they want to translate the descriptions on the website. Players can now use languages ​​such as Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean and Spanish.

Recently, BC.GAME has partnered with two of the biggest names in football and eSports – AFA and Cloud9. The new website features a dedicated sponsors page to keep the community informed of the latest events involving casino partners.


As part of the new design, players can now access useful content – game recommendations from each user, game provider details and game descriptions.

Game interactions are also now available. Players can rate, like, comment, share, and provide feedback on the games they play.

More security features have been added, such as a new additional official person verification page feature and an updated KYC feedback feature.

These bold and better features are available to all players on the new BC.GAME website.

Chris, COO of BC.GAME, shared: “The iGaming industry is growing rapidly. Keeping up with it is no small feat. As industry trailblazers, we pride ourselves on doing more than staying ahead. Our goal is to create The curve. The only way to make this happen is to keep the lines of communication open with our community. On behalf of the BC.GAME team, I would like to thank our loyal community for all their feedback and suggestions by showing off the latest upgrade.”


BC.GAME is a community based cryptocurrency casino that provides players with the best online casino experience. Launched in 2017, BC.GAME was one of the first casinos to support the Lightning Network, revolutionizing not only the casino industry but the blockchain space as well. With the recent addition of sportsbooks, users can enjoy over 8,000 games including sports, slot machines, live table games, and even the famous Bitcoin (BTC) crash game. BC.GAME has won several industry awards, making it the 2022 Crypto Casino of the Year. The platform accepts many leading cryptocurrencies and has recently started accepting fiat payments.

Learn more: http://bc.game



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