Baidu says U.S. sanctions on chip supply ‘light’

Chinese tech giant Baidu said U.S. restrictions on certain chip exports would not have a measurable impact on its artificial intelligence or drone technology business. register writes it.

When releasing the 2022 Q3 report, Dou Shen, executive vice president of Baidu and head of the AI ​​cloud business group, said that Baidu’s AI business does not rely too much on high-tech chips.

According to him, the company has the reserves needed to maintain normal operations. In addition, Baidu can find alternatives to the sanctioned chips.

“We have the technology to enable these alternatives to achieve roughly the same efficiency and effectiveness in the cloud and in the broader AI business,” Chen said.

He noted that automotive chips are not on the banned list. Shen also recalled his experience in developing the Kunlun processor. The semiconductor has been used to service some customers, he said.

“We expect more auto parts, including core chips, to be produced in China in the future,” the vice president said.

Shen believes that the development of the local semiconductor technology market will reduce the auto industry’s reliance on imported chips.

Additionally, the company reported an increase in the financial performance of its AI Cloud segment. Third-quarter revenue rose 24% year-over-year to $630 million.

Total revenue rose 2% year-over-year to $4.5 billion.

Recall that in October, US President Joe Biden’s administration imposed restrictions on the supply of AI chips to China.

That same month, experts speculated that the sanctions could curb the development of self-driving cars in China.

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