Axie leads crypto games, what other projects are worth paying attention to?

Since July, the asset prices of NFT game sector represented by Axie Infinity (AXS) have been flying together. Among them, AXS has increased by 1138% in the month, and the game assets in the sector such as SAND, ALICE, TLM have increased by more than 200% in the month. .

NFT games are an important part of chain games. Because game assets have the characteristics of value circulation, chain games are also called “GameFi”, which often refers to games that use blockchain technology to circulate assets on the chain. “Financialization of games” or “gamification of financial products” is also gradually Become the selling point of chain games.

This round of GameFi’s explosion benefited from the development of DeFi and NFT-NFT gave a basis and carrier for the value consensus and ownership of game assets; with the blessing of open financial applications, these game assets on the chain have been collected and traded. Even in the lending scene.

GameFi can flourish, thanks to the improvement of public chain performance. In the early days, GameFi projects were mainly concentrated on the Ethereum chain, and Ethereum often affected the experience of game users due to congestion and high GAS fees. Today, the emergence of Layer 2 and other high-performance public chains is solving pain points and providing the underlying infrastructure for the popularization of the GameFi project.

This round of rising game assets has caused the outside world to re-examine the development of the GameFi track. In the early days, many teams were committed to the field of blockchain games, hoping to use blockchain technology to financialize game assets. This issue of DeFi Honeycomb sorts out the GameFi representative projects of different public chains.

Pet battle game Axie Infinity


  • Introduction

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a Crypto pet raising game built on Ethereum. At present, the transaction volume and the number of users are the number one blockchain game on Ethereum.

Players on Axie Infinity breed, breed and trade NFT fantasy creatures Axies, and can also use it to fight other players. Players need to use ETH to buy 3 Axies to enter the game. Each Axie is an NFT with different characteristics and game roles. Players who compete for victory or complete tasks in the game can obtain game asset reward SLP, and SLP can be traded in the secondary market. In this way, the game purpose of “playing and earning” is realized.

1627608069345555Axie Infinity official website

There are two tokens in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, the game asset SLP and the governance token AXS. SLP is used for pet breeding and is also a task incentive asset in the game; AXS is mainly used for game improvement proposal and voting governance.

In order to solve the problem of congestion in Ethereum and excessive GAS fees, the Axie Infinity team built the Ethereum side chain Ronin on its own. In May of this year, Axie Infinity moved to Ronin. Since then, the functioning of the game has occurred on the Ronin sidechain, and can be bridged to Ethereum when needed. Currently, only AXS and SLP assets need to be transferred across the bridge, and users can enter this ecosystem through Ronin Wallet and MetaMask Wallet.

  • How to play

The Axie Infinity game mainly consists of 4 sections, namely the combat system, the reproduction system, the land system and the trading system.

  • Combat system-Players use the pet Axie to compete with other players. Axie can obtain SLP asset rewards through battle. SLP is also a must for the next generation of Axie. If you don’t want to breed, players can also sell rewards on Uniswap.
  • Breeding system-used to breed a new species of Axie. The new varieties of Axie are determined based on the genes of two Axie. Pairs of mating can produce new varieties with unique genes. The reproduction process needs to consume SLP. The number of SLPs consumed is related to the number of reproductions of Axie. The more reproductions, the more SLPs are required.
  • Land system-currently in the AxieInfinity game, there are only transaction scenarios and no use scenarios for the land, but the land owner has priority access to any assets generated on the plot.
  • Trading market-players use to buy and sell NFT fantasy pets and plots.


  • data

According to data from Token Terminal, Axie Infinity made $167 million in revenue in July. The number of Axie sold within 24 hours was 48,800, and the asset transaction volume was as high as $26.66 million. Among them, the maximum supply of token AXS is 270 million, and the circulating market value is 2.7 billion U.S. dollars. It ranks in the top 30 in the crypto market by asset market value, and the number of currency holding addresses is 2011.

Combat game Illuvium


  • Introduction

Illuvium (ILV) is a decentralized NFT collection and battle game based on the Ethereum network. The reason why the game has been noticed by the market is very important because its founding team comes from Kieran and Aaron, the brothers of Kain Warwick, the founder of Synthetix, a synthetic asset platform.

1627608069342275Illuvium official website

The core of Illuvium is a role-playing (RPG) game with NFT collection value. Players will encounter Illuvial creatures fighting with them when they travel through the broken planet. You can defeat the creature in battle, or you can choose to capture it in the debris. The successful capture of creatures generates a new NFT, which means that the creatures captured by the player are minted into assets and stored in your wallet. When you catch the same type of creatures, you can also fuse them together to derive more powerful creatures.

In addition to various NFT biological assets, Illuvium ecological token ILV can be used for game governance voting, agreement revenue and profit distribution and other governance. In addition, ILV holders can lock up their positions and form an ILV-SUSHI fund pair to become an LP to obtain liquidity mining rewards.

  • How to play

In the Illuvium game, you need to collect Illuvial creatures. Each creature is an NFT. Different creatures have different rarity and difficulty in capturing, and their value is also different.

For players who are just getting started, you can get some fragments for free on the platform. These fragments can be used to capture primary illuvial creatures, experience and learn game mechanics. Advanced players can use ETH to purchase in-game props and professional equipment to strengthen their combat capabilities.

  • data

According to data from DappRadar, Illuvium has gathered 3,730 players in the past 30 days, and the number of transactions that occurred was 12,850, of which the transaction amount of assets reached 61 million US dollars. The maximum issuance of ILV is 10 million, the number of currency holding addresses is 4,579, and the temporary offer is US$129.

Multiplayer Farm Game My Neighbor Alice


  • Introduction

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) is a multiplayer construction game running on the Binance Smart Chain BSC. Players can buy and own virtual land in the game; collect and build interesting items; meet like-minded people and socialize in the chain game.

1627608069419135My Neighbor Alice official website

  • How to play

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer farm building game. Players can occupy a piece of land and dress up their own plot according to their preferences. They can also participate in activities such as farming, fishing, insect catching and beekeeping on the farm.

The land, plants, tractors, fishing rods, buildings, etc. in the game are all displayed in the form of NFT. Players can use these as assets, which can be bought and sold on the in-game trading market or on a third-party NFT exchange. , You can also lease these assets on the farm.

The game’s native token ALICE can be used to purchase production items in the game ecosystem in the market. Holders of ALICE can also pledge it on DEX to provide liquidity for ALICE to obtain game asset rewards.

  • data

According to official tweets, My Neighbor Alice has 87,000 followers. The maximum issuance of ALICE is 1 billion, the number of currency holding addresses is 1,167, and the tentative price is $16.

Role-playing game CryptoBlades


  • Introduction

CryptoBlades (SKILL) is an NFT role-playing (RPG) game on the Binance Smart Chain. After the player selects a character, he can use weapon enhancement to fight monsters and upgrades, thereby gaining revenue.

1627608069469565CryptoBlades official website

  • How to play

Players can obtain characters, forge and reforge weapons through SKILL tokens, and SKILL can also be traded in the CryptoBlades in-game market.

CryptoBlades players need to use SKILL tokens to purchase heroes in the market first. Different characters have different weapons and equipment. Each character and weapon and other equipment are NFT assets and can be freely traded with other players.

After upgrading weapons with SKILL, players can use powerful weapons to defeat enemies in the game to obtain SKILL. The stronger the matched enemies in the game, the higher the SKILL benefit you will get by defeating them.

  • data

According to DappRadar data, in the past 30 days, CryptoBlades had 459,000 players, 38.81 million transactions, and an asset turnover of 80.12 million U.S. dollars. The maximum circulation of SKILL is 1 million, and the tentative price is 97 US dollars.

DeFi gamification application Aavegotchi


  • Introduction

Aavegotchi (GHST) is an NFT collection game based on the on-chain lending protocol Aave, which realizes NFT gamification of DeFi products, which allows users to experience DeFi in the form of games. It is also the first NFT game supported by the DeFi protocol.

1627608069530847 Aavegotchi official website

  • How to play

Aavegotchi little ghosts are Crypto pets, and each little ghost represents an NFT. In the early days, game developers used the loan voucher aToken in Aave to synthesize Aavegotchi little ghosts. The little ghosts can interact and compete in the game. Each little ghost NFT is an Aave loan certificate.

On Aavegotchi, you can use the governance token GHST to purchase various Crypto assets, such as hats, skins, etc. to dress up the image of little ghosts.

In June of this year, the team released the Gotchiverse Realm white paper dedicated to Aavegotchi’s meta-universe project. The little ghost of Aavegotchi will have the functions of socializing, exploring the new world, fighting the enemy and farming income.

  • data

According to DappRadar data, in the past 30 days, Aavegotchi has won the favor of 2580 players and 130,000 transactions have occurred. The maximum issuance of GHST is 40.44 million, the number of currency holding addresses is 5,056, and the temporary offer is $1.74.

DeFi Pet Fighting Game My DeFi Pet


  • Introduction

My DeFi Pet (DPET) is a DeFi pet development game running on the Binance smart chain BSC and KardiaChain chain. Players can breed, evolve, buy and trade pets, build their own clan, fight with other players, and get rewards. Each pet is an NFT asset, and players can also develop new pets and sell them on the NFT market.

1627608069625590My DeFi Pet official website

  • How to play

There are two ways to obtain My DeFi Pet pets. One is to buy pet eggs through a certain amount of native token DPET, and then hatch the pet; the other is to obtain by auction. A new pet is born every hour on the market and auctioned for 24 hours. , Players can use DPET bidding to obtain pets.

Each pet has a certain level of evolution and abilities, depending on its rarity. Players can upgrade their pets by feeding DPET.

The DPET pass is the main prop asset of the game. It is not only the money for trading and buying pets, but also the raw material for incubating and feeding pets. Players can obtain DPET by completing prescribed game tasks and playing battles.

  • data

According to data from DappRadar, in the past 30 days, My DeFi Pet players reached 168,000, with 1.29 million transactions and an asset turnover of 55.54 million U.S. dollars. The maximum circulation of DPET is 100 million, and the tentative price is US$8.8.

Cross-chain DeFi farm game DeFiLand


  • Introduction

DeFiLand is a cross-chain DeFi farm game built on Solana, which aims to gamify decentralized finance (DeFi).

DeFiLand analyzes the various behaviors that users take in each DeFi protocol and designs them into an interactive game. By gamification of decentralized financial interaction methods, it is easier for users to understand and use DeFi products.

The application aggregates all DeFi protocols into one access location, so that users do not have to access a certain protocol separately, so that users can manage DeFi assets in one stop.

Through the DeFiLand game, users can use DEX, lending applications and even AMM market making. For example, when players are farming in the game, DeFiLand helps them use different capital pools to complete liquidity mining.


DeFiLand official website

  • How to play

In DeFiLand, every asset is a kind of NFT. Take the above picture as an example. In the demonstration, SOL is sunflower, USDC is corn, COPE is pumpkin, etc. These assets will be used to perform the functions provided by the DeFi protocol.

In the DeFiLand game scene, users can even directly experience market changes. For example, the choice of DeFiLand weather depends on the current market conditions-on the day of market decline, the weather in DeFiLand is cloudy or rainy. When the market falls sharply, there may be thunderstorms or hail in the game; if the market performs well, the weather will be calm. On a sunny day, you might even see a rainbow.

The background music of DeFiLand is also set according to the market environment. When the market performs poorly, the game will play melancholic music; when the market performs well, the cheerful music will sound.

Currently, the DeFiLand game has not yet been launched, but there are already promotional content, and users who like it can follow the official information at any time.

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