Arthur Hayes, founder of BitMEX: more bank failures may cause the Fed to restart the money printing machine

According to the news on March 12, BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes commented on the fact that the Federal Reserve is considering setting up a fund to provide guarantees for deposits when more banks fail, saying that it is getting closer and closer to the start of the money printing machine. Remember when they first tried TARP in 2008? Markets kept falling and financial institutions kept going bankrupt. Then they finally turned on the printing presses. I suspect a similar trajectory might be followed this time around. Let’s see how big the bazooka is. The FDIC and the Federal Reserve are considering setting up a fund that would allow regulators to provide more deposit guarantees for struggling banks following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Bloomberg News reported. The new special tool was discussed by regulators in conversations with banking executives, according to people familiar with the matter. They hope the creation of such a tool will reassure savers and help stem panic.

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