ARPA Price Prediction Over 100% Rally This Week Puts Coin in Top 10 Trending Crypto Coins on CoinMarketCap

ARPA/USD/ Source: TradingView

ARPA, the token that powers the ARPA network protocol, has gone viral in recent days.

ARPA/USD last changed hands on major cryptocurrency exchanges at about $0.11 per token, the highest level since February 2022, up about 100% this week and about 320% this year.

The recent surge has helped ARPA break into the top 10 trending coins on CoinMarketCap, a huge achievement for a coin with a market cap of just $440 million.

ARPA is the token that powers the upcoming ARPA Network Protocol, a decentralized computing network designed to enhance the fairness, security, and privacy of existing blockchains.

According to the project roadmap, the main network of ARPA Network is expected to be launched before the end of this quarter.

Excitement over crypto has been building in recent days and weeks due to the success of the project’s TestNet, whose second version is currently interacting smoothly with the Ethereum-Sepolia testnet at a rate of about 200,000 per day.

The mainnet will also launch on other Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain (or BNB Chain), Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Price Prediction – What’s next for ARPA?

If ARPA can break north of resistance in the $0.11-$12 area, this should open the door to a move higher at the bottom of the old uptrend channel which, along with all-time highs from late 2021, should come into play around $0.20 .

With the hype building around the ARPA Network mainnet launch, the bulls could easily get a 2x gain.

But that may pale in comparison to the gains enjoyed by smaller cryptocurrency gems like AI-driven meme-generating platform AiDoge’s AI-powered token.

ARPA Alternatives Considered – AiDoge (AI)

AiDoge is building an interesting AI meme generation tool and social media platform that could be the next explosive coin.

This is because, AiDoge is not only a meme coin, but also has a solid use case related to AI, which is a hot topic right now.

AiDoge is building a platform where users can generate memes using breakthrough generative AI technology, and then share them with the AiDoge community through the platform’s public wall.

Creators of the most popular memes will be rewarded with AiDoge’s native $AI tokens, which means AiDoge is bringing the concept of “Earn Memes” (M2E) to life.

AiDoge has been conducting a public pre-sale of its native $AI tokens to fund the development of its platform.

Investors should act quickly while they can still get tokens, as the pre-sale is now nearly sold out.

AiDoge’s pre-sale will soon be approaching $14 million and will end this weekend when it hit $14.9 million.

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