ApeCoin DAO NFT market is online, covering custom markets such as BAYC

Odaily Planet Daily News Snag Solutions CEO Zach Heerwagen tweeted that the NFT market customized for ApeCoin DAO has been officially launched. According to Heerwagen, the custom marketplace includes unique features built specifically for the BAYC and Otherside communities, as well as ApeCoin staking and NFT metadata integration. Staking and daily rewards are embedded directly into the transaction flow and will continue to improve the experience by adding filters with APE staking, list sets, and more. Not only does the ApeCoin marketplace have lower fees for sellers (0.5% ETH sales fee and 0.25% APE fee), but the full 0.25% of each sale is held in multi-signatures to fund the DAO initiative. According to previous reports, Solidity.io founder @alexmccurryo tweeted that Solidity.io has released the audit report of Snag Solutions’ ApeCoin market and found no serious loopholes. ApeCoin DAO has previously voted to set Snag Solutions’ ApeCoin Marketplace as the official ApeCoin DAO NFT Marketplace, after which ApeCoin DAO hired Solidity.io to conduct a comprehensive audit of its operations.

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