Angle Protocol: 17.6 million USDC funds affected by Euler attack

On March 14th, the decentralized stablecoin protocol Angle Protocol officially stated: Angle Protocol was affected by the exploit of Euler’s vulnerability, and the protocol deposited 17.6 million USDC into Euler. The agreement is suspended, the debt ceiling is set to 0, and the Euler AMO is closed. The situation is being monitored and updates will be made as soon as they are received. In addition, in the Q&A article, Angle Protocol stated that before the Euler hack, the total value locked (TVL) of the Angle Core module was about 36 million US dollars, and 17.2 million agEUR had been minted through the core module. In addition, there are also in the agreement: 1. Deposits of approximately US$11.6 million from standard liquidity providers; 2. Deposits of approximately US$353,000 from hedging agents; 3. A surplus of approximately 5.58 million yuan.

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