Analyst Who Recommends Bitcoin in 2017 Deciphers Indicator Says Bitcoin Could Soon Take Off

Check out the charts and learn why we may be close to a new Bitcoin rally

Bitcoin may be on the verge of a new rally capable of ludicrous valuations. At least, one respected Brazilian analyst thinks so.

According to him, what happened in the cryptocurrency market from the beginning of the year to now may only be the prologue to something bigger, based on several cryptocurrency indicators.

In other words, we may be facing a new big bull cycle, one that can turn a few dollars into a small fortune.

You’ll learn exactly what’s behind this projection.

Graph with over 10 years of data showing future potential

In an investor’s financial trajectory, there are some decisions that can have a big impact.

Just two or three big hits are enough to achieve financial success and earn thousands or even millions of dollars.

In the current situation, that decision might be the one you make when you look at this simple chart.

(Source: TradingView)

Here is a historical chart of bitcoin prices since mid-2010.

Among them, the gray vertical line represents the halving, which is an important upgrade of Bitcoin.

A halving is nothing but a reduction in the global Bitcoin supply.

Understanding How the Bitcoin Halving Works

In case you didn’t know, the bitcoins you and I have access to are “produced” by miners — people with super-powerful computers who solve math problems to produce units of cryptocurrency.

The problem is that there is a limit to the number of units that Bitcoin can exist in. It’s capped at 21 million — and it’ll never go over that cap.

Every 10 minutes, a new math problem is published in the protocol, and new bitcoins are created when miners solve these problems.

But every four years, the halving occurs — reducing the number of bitcoins created in half in the process.

(Image: DeltecBank)

It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. If there are as many (or even more) people wanting to buy bitcoins, and fewer and fewer bitcoins are available…

Prices tend to skyrocket.

This is before taking into account that the longer time passes, the more bitcoin becomes a security protocol and achieves its stated goals, which also tends to increase the demand for units of the asset.

Of course, this is a very simplistic reasoning that does not take into account several factors that exist in the cryptocurrency market and the world economy.

The point is not only to understand the reasons behind this prediction, but also to identify the patterns that allow us to predict when this will happen.

This is where the chart you saw at the beginning of this article came from.

Learn about the pattern of the last three Bitcoin halvings and why they may be repeating

(Source: TradingView)

As I said, the gray vertical line marks the moment when the halving is activated.

As you can see, there is an appreciation movement that started before the halving and continued after it.

This is exactly how the three times the halving was activated:

  1. Bullish movement ahead of halving;
  2. Bullish movement after halving (more intense);
  3. Downward movement shortly thereafter.

The chart ends at the current time March 2023. As you can see, we just experienced a downtrend very similar to previous cycles…

Best of all: In January, Bitcoin started to rise, which could represent the start of a new cycle.

The market has seen a small correction recently, which is normal – but everything points to a movement that tends to start in the long run.

“Everything leads us to believe that this price recovery could be the start of another new cycle,” said Vinícius Bazan, the analyst behind the study.

With a new cycle and boom in AI, a new segment of cryptoassets could soar

In other words, Bitcoin may be on the cusp of entering a new millionaire cycle.

That’s because the best thing that tends to happen when Bitcoin enters a bull cycle isn’t just its appreciation…

But other smaller cryptocurrencies that capitalized on rising market enthusiasm have appreciated far more than bitcoin.

And now, March 2023, do you know which class of crypto assets is most likely to soar in this new cycle?

Cryptocurrencies related to artificial intelligence.

Well, that’s right. You’ve probably heard of AI, especially after ChatGPT made headlines around the world.

(Source: CNN)

Now, what you may not know is that many cryptocurrencies are already capitalizing on this boom and offering ridiculous valuations.

(Source: InfoMoney)

That’s because we’re in a moment of calm, and the new bullish cycle hasn’t even started yet.

If Bitcoin does soar, these cryptocurrencies will be the best candidates to soar further and create a lifetime of wealth.

When this happens, you need to be in place.

Check out the names of the 3 most promising cryptos in this segment

For this reason, analyst Vinícius Bazan (the same guy behind the halving study you saw) will reveal his main bet on crypto assets in the artificial intelligence space.

Here’s a curated list of assets designed to make the most of this new potentially bullish cycle.

It’s worth remembering that Bazin suggested buying Bitcoin back in 2017, before anyone was taking cryptocurrencies seriously. Additionally, the portfolio he and his team led has appreciated 1,458% since October 2017.

That’s a multiple of more than 15 times — even with the dip since 2021.

Of course, past returns are never a guarantee of future gains, but analysts are used to predicting trends — and this might just be one of them.

To learn how to access the list and invest in these crypto assets ASAP, just click on the link below.

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