Analysis shows that the cryptocurrency will have a lot of volatility in the future

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Technical Analysis QNT Price

Last night saw a notable shift in the cryptocurrency market. After an initial heavy loss, we are now seeing an increase of about 10% in the entire market (including QNT). Still, analysts at Crypto Insiders expect a sharp drop. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“The price of QNT continues to fall and make new lows. It’s not a huge drop yet, but the downtrend is clear. We’re in the downside C wave of the ABC-Elliott wave pattern here. This pattern suggests that there is still significant market volatility ahead .”

Keep in mind that this analysis is a week old, predating last week’s crash. In retrospect, the analysts were right that quant trading would plummet. Once the decline continues, analysts may be able to identify a new buying area. New analytics for QNT will be available soon in the advanced environment.

The analysis was shared with members on March 6. In our Premium environment, analytics are typically shared 48 hours in advance, so they may be slightly out of date.

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