“Alarm Swiss CEO Reveals Truth Behind Bitcoin Boom”

Shocking news: Credit Suisse CEO calls Bitcoin a speculative bubble

Surprisingly, the CEO of Credit Suisse, one of the largest banks in Switzerland, has labeled Bitcoin as a speculative asset. Tidjane Thiam claimed that interest in Bitcoin will eventually fade, adding that the cryptocurrency is undoubtedly a challenge. The announcement came shortly after Credit Suisse was forced to merge with Swiss rival UBS AG in what analysts said was the largest bank liquidation in Swiss history. With shares of the troubled bank down nearly 60%, it appears Thiam was right. Learn more about the startling revolution that is reshaping the financial world at Crypto.Tech.

Crypto-fueled crash sends Credit Suisse shares to record lows

The fallout from the collapse of crypto-oriented Silvergate Bank and two other U.S. banks is spiraling out of control, heavily impacting European markets. Credit Suisse, in particular, has seen its shares plummet to record lows, forcing the bank to borrow nearly $53 billion from the Swiss National Bank to maintain liquidity. These dire consequences serve as a warning to any financial institution dabbling in crypto, which continues to be used in fraudulent schemes. Credit Suisse’s partnership with Taurus, Fnality, AlgoTrader and FundsDLT has proven to be quite costly, as CEO Tidjane Thiam is now openly dismissing the cryptocurrency industry as a speculative bubble with no real value. Don’t get caught in the crossfire of this financial crisis – stay informed with Crypto.Tech.

Credit Suisse: первая в мире криптовалюта – спекулятивный актив, но криптоинустрия в любом случае вызов.

“Alarm Credit Suisse Sinks With Bitcoin”

Credit Suisse, one of the most important banks in Switzerland, has issued a statement classifying Bitcoin as a speculative asset and does not represent any interest of the bank. The general manager said that interest in bitcoin has waned, and assured that cryptocurrencies are a potential threat.

The news comes at a critical time for Credit Suisse, as UBS announced its acquisition of the bank a few days ago. The operation caused huge controversy in the market, and Credit Suisse shares fell by more than 60%.

And why is Bitcoin the number one enemy of Swiss banks? According to the director’s statement, cryptocurrencies are often used by criminals to commit fraud and money laundering. Additionally, Bitcoin does not have any regulation and is considered a highly volatile and unsafe asset.

Nonetheless, Credit Suisse has been investing in projects related to the cryptocurrency world. Contradictory? As if. Earlier this year, the bank tokenized the shares of a company involved in the hotel business, a risky move that could lead the bank into a position of great uncertainty.

Clearly, the Bitcoin craze is fading fast, while traditional banks continue to maintain their influence and stature in the financial world. Could this be the end of Bitcoin and other cryptos? Or is it just a bump in the road of technological evolution? Only time will tell.Stay updated and follow our news at Criptovolución.Tech

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