AI was invented by humans and operated by humans

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As the AIGC industry represented by ChatGPT stands out and becomes popular rapidly, many people, especially creators, are worried that they will be replaced. The fact is that the human-computer interaction that has been staggering for decades has ushered in brand-new changes. For most ordinary users, it is no longer necessary to use Python language or SQL statements to write codes in order to give instructions to the computer. Or just speak.

At the same time, on the other side of the ocean, a new job was quietly created: Prompt Engineer, also known as “cyber trainer”, who can play without programming. Soon many related companies released their own recruitment advertisements one after another, causing another wave of upsurge and attention. For example, Anthropic, an AI company founded by former OpenAI employees and invested by Google, has already recruited at a clearly marked price. Among the job requirements, “has a hacker spirit and likes to solve puzzles”, “willing to communicate and like to teach technical concepts” are important. Considerations. AI contract review company Klarity also intends to recruit engineers to “prompt, fine-tune” large language models and “chat” with them. Similar job advertisements are not uncommon on the news website BoardingArea and the freelance platform Upwork.

Destruction and Rebirth Coexist

Judging from historical experience, the application of new technologies will indeed liberate part of the productivity and eliminate some terminal occupations, but at the same time it will also create some new occupations. For example, the invention of the automobile eliminated carriages and coachmen, and at the same time promoted the popularity of drivers and gas stations, although today’s drivers may be the same as yesterday’s coachmen. But from an objective point of view, the trend of human society’s forward development is also a spiral progress in the ebb and flow.

Take “Space Opera House”, which won the first prize at the Colorado State Fair last year, as an example. The creation process of this work has caused quite a lot of controversy. The author Jason Allen mainly uses the AI ​​drawing tool Midjourney to generate the original painting, and then spends several weeks constantly modifying the perspective, composition, lighting and other prompts (Prompt), making more than 900 works, and then finishing the final entry with Photoshop. At that time, some people said that this was a victory for AI drawing tools, and it was also a game where “human beings suffered a crushing defeat”. But if you think about it carefully as a bystander, Jason Allen may not be a professional painter, but he seems to be worthy of the title of “prompt engineer”.

Prompt AI, how to prompt?

Prompt Engineer Prompt Engineer, Prompt means “cause, prompt, prompt”. In the field of AI, this prompt can be a question, a sentence or a paragraph, which is used to guide the AI ​​model to generate content. If the prompt is not appropriate enough, it is like not asking targeted questions during the interview, and the output effect will naturally be difficult to meet expectations. For example, if you want to use an AI model to generate a neatly arranged tile map of items, most users may use sentences such as “things are neatly placed on the table” to describe, but even with such a large number of words and sentences, AI may It is still not fully understood, and the final output may not be satisfactory.

In fact, there is a special word Knolling to describe this phenomenon. A simple word can bring together all the above descriptions, and it is easier for AI to understand. At this time, Knolling is the most critical hint to AI. Knol can have the meaning of “knowledge unit”, which is naturally more in line with the meaning of “hint” required by AI.

Why Prompt Engineers?

As a product of human wisdom, AI cannot be perfect. Since it has defects, it needs human assistance. Generally speaking, prompt engineers are guided by prompts, allowing AI tools to operate under extreme conditions to understand their shortcomings, enhance their strengths, develop corresponding strategies, and transform simple inputs into truly unique and meaningful results. Can all an engineer do in the process just keep tweaking the prompts to determine which representations are more useful? Not exactly, this position will also try its best to tap the potential of AI and guide them to think step by step and deeply. Confucius said: “If you are not angry, you will not inspire, and if you are not angry, you will not develop.” Among them, “qi” and “fa” are the necessary external force guidance, which is basically what prompts engineers to do. Investigate its origin, or because the basic principles of modern learning AI are the imitation of human learning behavior.

AIGC headed by ChatGPT can answer almost all questions, whether the answer is correct or not. And the prompt engineer is to guide AI to find the correct answer, hold the rein tightly, and beware of this “dark horse” becoming a “running wild horse”. From this perspective, the industry threshold for prompting engineers is still quite high. Based on my personal experience, many supporters of ChatGPT have poor knowledge. Facing the products of powerful databases and advanced algorithms, they will naturally only shout that they are invincible or powerless. But as mentioned before, ChatGPT has been widely and severely criticized by educators, journalists, artists, academics and public advocates in the months after its release. A random parrot simply repeats what it thinks we want to hear.” And more and more practice shows that ChatGPT’s answers to questions in many professional fields seem to be fine at first glance, but they are actually full of loopholes. It is a pity that many people have difficulty realizing these problems due to their limited knowledge and vision.

Some people think that the existence of reminder engineers is just a transition. As long as AI continues to develop, sooner or later, it will be able to understand user intentions more accurately. Perhaps everyone will be a reminder engineer by then, and this position will no longer be rare. However, what is certain at present is that the development speed of AI cannot be slowed down. Since AI capabilities are becoming more and more powerful, it is better to start learning how to live in harmony with it as soon as possible. When productivity is powerful and advanced enough to invent and create anything it wants, the ability to express precisely what is is critical.

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