AI startup charged with illegal practice

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DoNotPay, an artificial intelligence law firm, is facing a class-action lawsuit for allegedly practicing law without a license.

The plaintiff is California resident Jonathan Faridian. He is represented by Edelson LLP in Chicago.

“DoNotPay is not a real robot, lawyer, or law firm,” the complaint states.

Faridian claims to have used DoNotPay to draft demand letters, settle small claims and transaction agreements with legal entities. He ended up with “poor quality and poor execution” results.

DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder called the claims “baseless.” According to him, Faridian “has dozens of successful consumer protection cases with DoNotPay.”

Browder also said that Edelson founder Jay Edelson “inspired [его] Create DoNotPay”.

“He symbolizes everything that’s wrong with the law. In a recent deal with Facebook, for example, he made $97.5 million. A handful of consumers got $375, while the majority who failed to complete the complex “requirement form” got $0,” the startup owner wrote.

Edelson responded that Browder and his company were trying to “deflect attention from their misconduct” and that “DoNotPay has scammed a lot of people.”

Recall that in January, a startup offered $1 million to lawyers to use AI lawyers in any upcoming cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

That same month, Browder claimed that some state professional associations threatened him and his firm with lawsuits. Because of this, DoNotPay is delaying the use of AI lawyers in its upcoming lawsuits.

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