After halving, bitcoin is becoming rarer, would you still desire to own it?

On May 8th, as the price of Bitcoin continued to rise, today’s bitcoin price also broke the $ 10,000 mark. At the same time, I learned from Sina Weibo that the keyword “Bitcoin” was once again on the Sina Weibo Hot List. The “Bitcoin” keyword ranks 22nd with 396491 search interest.

At 3:23 on May 12, the currency circle ushered in the third time in bitcoin history that the output was halved, and the bitcoin block reward has been reduced from 12.5 to 6.25. There are currently only 2.62 million Bitcoins to be mined.

If you do n’t know much about this matter, you can simply understand that the difficulty of digging out bitcoin is getting higher and higher, bitcoin is becoming scarcer , there are fewer new additions, and the stock is more and more valuable.

Based on this, despite the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the bitcoin price has fallen almost since the beginning of March, but it soon “resumed production” and struck the $ 10,000 mark in the past week.


Computing bee, different cloud computing power mining

Imagine that in 2017, Bitcoin successfully went out of business, with a maximum of $ 19891. At that time, investors all over the world were looking for regret medicine.

The halving of the four-year period has just passed, and the disk did give some volatile feedback. On May 8th, it began to fall from around 10,000 US dollars to close to 20% to 8,000 US dollars. However, even with this trend, I dare say that 90% of the media or retail investors are not satisfied.

So flatbread is a very pure market. Macroeconomic impacts stand side by side, and the voices of retail investors are no longer standing side by side. Such a disadvantage is that we cannot simply rely on the news surface to make the market. Weakness, but you have to dialectical problems, such a market is also beneficial, we only need to think about the changes in the capital and the cycle.

Pay attention to the computing power bee and experience different mining

Many people intuitively reflex “just shouting slogans”, but this is not true.

China has launched a national blockchain platform, and the blockchain service network (BSN) led by the National Information Center is about to be put into commercial use worldwide. The white paper states that BSN has signed 100 city nodes and hopes to deploy another 200 city nodes by the end of this year.

The government’s attention is also reflected in the construction of the Xiong’an New District, the city is almost running on the blockchain. Today in Xiong’an, construction companies must also use blockchain to participate in government infrastructure projects. Xiong’an exemplifies the scale of the deployment of blockchain technology in China. The government promotes national blockchain adoption through large amounts of funds and profitable commercial projects.

Having said so much, do you know how to get Bitcoin? In fact, bitcoin can be dug using PCs before 2010, and now it is completely impossible. Digging bitcoin is to “mine” bitcoin through a specific encryption algorithm through a computer with high computing power. That means whether you can mine bitcoin depends on the computing power of the computer.

If you use the hottest cloud computing power mining today, take the computing power bee as an example

Let’s take the purchase of the 2020 computing power contract-the new phase 3 as an example to buy 100T of computing power. Calculate how long can a bitcoin be dug in the case of compound interest reinvestment, and what is the comprehensive income of the three-year cycle?

Pay attention to the public number Yule circle coin brother, experience different mining

You only need to invest 35,600 yuan to buy 100T computing power in less than 12 months to dig a bitcoin

The most important thing is that the current platform is free of management fees and electricity. There is also a 100% -120% HBT platform currency reward. Do n’t underestimate the role of HBT, it can allow you to have an infinite loop of investment capabilities. HBT can be used to repurchase computing power, your computing power will continue to grow, and more and more bitcoins will be dug

For example: The computing power of the 36th month reinvestment can be mined for another three years …….

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