Affected by the surge in ASC-20 tokens, the number of Avalanche C-Chain transactions hit a new high

Odaily Planet Daily reported that in the past week, the number of transactions on Avalanche’s C-Chain (responsible for processing smart contracts) hit a record high, reaching 2.3 million transactions per day on November 19, while the average number of transactions per day in Avalanche’s history is about 450,000 Pen. Jacob Everly, technical product manager at Ava Lab, said that like Bitcoin Ordinals, Avalanche’s “ASC-20” token uses inscriptions to write information to the blockchain. Using ASC-20, users can transcribe messages into transaction call data to store the information on-chain at a lower cost compared to the ERC-20 token standard. Everly noted that the surge in ASC-20 has resulted in the Avalanche mainnet (consisting of more than 1,500 validators participating in the consensus) processing an average of more than 40 transactions per second, and at times approaching 100 transactions per second. According to Blockworks Research analyst Dan Smith, more than 6.8 million transactions have interacted with the ASC-20 token so far. (Blockworks)

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