Ade Partners, a well-known investment institution, announces the launch of a blockchain fund

Ade Partners, a well-known investment institution, announced the launch of blockchain funds. Ade Partners said it is excited about the opportunities of blockchain technology. They believe that the adoption of blockchain reflects the Internet in the early 1990s or the mobile Internet in 2008. Use cases that support blockchain have shown appeal, and developer talent continues to flow in. The company views the ecosystem from three perspectives-protocols, applications, and supporting infrastructure.

 Ade Partners is also looking for a blockchain investment fund manager, hoping that it has (i) the ability to conduct in-depth technical due diligence and actively participate in the encryption network (ii) in-depth institutional investment records and (iii) blockchain specific operational experience. Ade Partners has cooperated with companies such as Andreessen Horowitz Crypto II, Polychain Ventures II and Polychain Crypto.

Ade Partners is a leading alternative investment company dedicated to investing in top-tier venture capital and growth equity funds for endowments, foundations, institutions and individuals to achieve superior returns. The company was founded in 2000 and is located in Washington, DC. It has raised US $ 1.6 billion.

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