ACI Worldwide, Guideline, Taulia and more advise aspiring women in fintech

This October in The Fintech Times is about incredible women working in the fintech industry. With women still only making up around 30% of the workforce, it’s important to focus on those who are working to make a difference and pave the way for them. Some influential women in fintech offer advice to aspiring women in the industry.

After talking about how women in fintech are breaking the “glass ceiling,” we turn our attention to advice for women looking to do the same. Here, Nabanita Roy, Qian Liu, Darcy Douglas and Jane Podbelskaya share their advice for aspiring women in fintech.

Nabanita Roy, Data Scientist, ACI Worldwide Real-Time Payment Solutions Provider
Nabanita RoyNabanita Roy, Data Scientist, ACI Worldwide

Recognizing the impact of Crypto transformation and the acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions on the many emerging avenues of fintech, Roy confirms that “everyone is interested in this space” and “you don’t have to have the financial expertise to work in fintech. background.”

Looking back on her own career, she revealed that her master’s degree was actually in computer science, however, she went on to explain that it was her “evolving interests that made me a growing and thriving role in fintech”.

Roy lists motivation and curiosity as the main drivers of success in an industry that is transforming so rapidly, adding that “being open to learning new things will help you stay ahead of the curve.”

“I recommend that you identify and reflect on your strengths and be open to learning from your mistakes,” she continued. Emphasizes the importance of self-reflection for personal and professional growth.

“It’s all about understanding and identifying what you want out of your life and career.”

Roy understands that the vast world of fintech is by no means an easy map to navigate, making it more difficult for new entrants to the industry.

“When looking to enter a new area,” she added, “especially in fintech, where problems are almost certain to arise, it’s important to use all the resources at your disposal.”

Quite simply, Roy assures women, “If you’re unsure about something or if you’re having trouble, ask someone.”

She recommends that anyone looking to learn this should look to the bottomless knowledge base of books, online resources, and experts.

“Having a mentor is important at every stage of someone’s career if you have the opportunity, and being a mentor and leading by example,” Roy commented.

“It’s important to build a network that you can tap into and gain support and knowledge that will help you immerse yourself in the world of fintech.”

Liu Qian, Chief Data Officer, Small Business Retirement Platform Guideline
Liu Qian, Chief Data Officer of GuidelineQian Liu, Chief Data Officer, Guideline

For Liu, fintech is a craft that must be perfected, emphasizing that “excelling at work is the fastest way to overcome the barriers faced by women and minorities”.

Despite differences in gender representation, she highlighted why “staying in the game” is important.

“When you’re one of the few, you feel lonely and impossible in your quest to balance professional and family responsibilities,” Liu added.

“Use your resilience and don’t give up. If you play the long game, the doors will open. As you become a leader, level the playing field by empowering the sisters behind you.”

Darcy Douglas, Vice President, Global Project Management, Taulia Working Capital Solutions Provider
Darcy Douglas, Vice President, Global Project Management, Taulia Working Capital Solutions ProviderDarcy Douglas, Vice President, Global Program Management, Taulia

Douglas’ top advice to women in fintech is “don’t limit yourself.”

“A lot of times, we don’t try more, thinking we don’t have the ability, the skills or the confidence to think about bigger problems,” she explained.

Reiterating Roy’s thoughts, Douglas also recognized the importance of good mentoring, adding “Talk to a friend or mentor about those limiting beliefs and you’ll find that most of them are just in your head while others believe in you. and your ability to do more.

She encourages all women to “think big, set big goals, write down what you want to achieve, and share it with others. If you remove those limiting beliefs, you will definitely get there or close to it”

Douglas continued: “I always thought the director was as high a level as I could be. I would look at the people on the executive team and think I didn’t get what it needed to be there.

“My mentor helped me understand what it took to be an executive and I quickly realized that I did what a lot of executives do. It gave me the confidence to dismantle my limiting beliefs and move on with my next A promotion.”

Jane Podbelskaya, principal at Information Venture Partners, a Canadian venture capital firm specializing in direct and in-fund investments in fintech
Jane Podbelskaya, principal, Information Venture PartnersJane Podbelskaya, Head of Information Venture Partners

If you want to get into fintech, Podbelskaya advises “you have to understand the reality that it’s still a male-dominated environment right now.”

In developing this view, she said “we have intentions to increase the diversity of financial institutions and fintech teams, but this evolution will take time as newly hired women advance.”

Podbelskaya recognizes the increased emphasis on diversity these days, which he believes will “give more opportunities for women to enter the field,” Optimistically.

“Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs in the industry,” she added, “especially if fintech is an area you’re interested in joining.”

“If you want to start a fintech company or become a C-level executive at the same time, understand that long-standing biases can work against you,” commented Podbelskaya, pointing to fundraising as an example of these biases.

“However, many funds are working hard to improve the diversity of their portfolios and are deliberately working to overcome their biases,” she continued.

“You can be well-positioned (more support, funding and mentoring opportunities focused on women, including funds like StandUp Ventures) and disadvantaged (still biased).

“Be persistent — look for those funds and opportunities, and take advantage of your product.

“If you are a woman in fintech, I encourage you to find or start a community of women in fintech in your area. The support of other women in the industry is invaluable.”

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