5 quick tips for instant success in the creator economy

If you’re passionate about a particular topic with niche knowledge, you’ll undoubtedly be interested in dabbling in creator economy trends. The thought of getting millions of views may seem daunting — and it is — but the truth is you don’t need those numbers to be successful.

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Even if your audience is small, you can achieve financial independence by building a robust platform that allows you to start monetizing your content almost immediately. That’s it.

develop a unique voice

The first step to success as a creator is finding your own voice. No matter which niche you plan to focus on, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of other entrepreneurs touching on the same topic. Quality information is a good start, but ultimately what sets you apart is what you want to say.

Case in point is Jon Youshaei, who was recently named one of the top people in LinkedIn’s Creator Economy. Youshaei became the creator and consultant of TubeBuddy using the knowledge gained from his roles on YouTube and Instagram. In a LinkedIn announcement, he preached the “3% rule.”

The late Virgil Abloh insisted that creating something new requires only 3% changes to something old, and the same applies to content.

To develop a voice your followers will grab, use personal stories and experiences. Share your honest opinion, don’t be afraid to write like you speak (even if it’s informal), and check out what other influencers are producing to see if you like or don’t like their voice. Most importantly, be yourself and you will attract other like-minded people who are interested in what you have to say.

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Learn about related news and trends

Spend some time each day examining current topics in your field and looking beyond the news headlines. Check out what’s trending on social media, especially what other creators in your field are talking about.

Then, find ways to make it relevant to your own audience.

As Maggie Butler writes for HubSpot: “People consuming your content aren’t just interested in hearing you speak. They’re here to fulfill a specific need. Whether those needs are to solve a problem to simply increase their interest in you confidence in the industry, it’s your job to translate your market observations into something they can understand and learn from.”

Actively Seek Brand Sponsorship

Brands want to work with creators who are highly relevant in terms of high engagement rates — regardless of their total audience size. They understand the power of creators, so seeking out sponsorship or affiliate marketing opportunities can be a great way for entrepreneurs to start making money.

Smaller companies also rely on creators to raise awareness and grow their own audiences. Make yourself visible to brands related to your niche so you can get collaborative gigs and you’ll be well on your way to monetizing your content.

Instagram’s Creator Marketplace is a quick and easy way to start creating branded content. Check out their guide and keep this powerful piece of advice in mind: “Followers can tell you instantly when a partnership doesn’t fit your personality. So stay true to your style and only work with brands that really fit you.” “

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Establish a consistent content schedule

Shopify recommends that content creators should publish 7-14 articles per week (provided the content is really interesting) to grow their account.

To help you do this, it is absolutely essential to have a schedule for releasing new projects. You could blog twice a week for your website and then repurpose the information from the blogs for your social media posts. Supplement with items related to industry trends or events, and you can reach this suggested number in no time.

Planning a long-term content calendar will also help you identify what to talk about and start ideating for your content so you can continue to publish at the pace your audience expects.

Build multiple income streams

Video creators can place ads before or during their videos to earn extra income. Some creators have launched membership programs that provide access to exclusive content for a monthly subscription fee. Others even make their own branded products and sell them through their websites.

Creators should evaluate the needs of their target audience when determining which sources of additional income would best suit their needs. For example, while it might make sense for a yoga content creator selling workout clothes, that might not be for someone sharing cooking tips.

Succeeding in the creator economy is possible

The sheer number of creators and influencers can seem overwhelming. Earthweb found that about 48 percent of Instagram users have more than 1,000 followers — making them potentially influential. Additionally, 30% of the top 1000 channels on YouTube belong to influencers.

However, many people who have the potential to become an influencer don’t use it to get into a viable career path. By understanding how to position yourself as a content creator and actively looking for monetization options, you can make an immediate impact in this new economy.

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