5.26 Morning Situation Analysis

Life is like chess. No regrets, one careless move, the whole board is full. I believe that everyone who plays chess has had this painful experience. When the situation was very good, it was only because of a careless move that he made a mistake. The situation took a turn for the worse, and the embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by ant nests. From here on passive, everywhere defensive. The same is true in the currency circle. I hope that everyone will be cautious from the beginning to the end. At any time, you must keep a back hand with yourself, do a good job of stopping losses, and prevent the situation where one trick is accidentally full.

Today’s information:

1. McCarthy says June 1 is the deadline for the debt ceiling

2. The Republican House of Representatives Hearn said that the debt ceiling agreement may be reached on the 26th

3. tether cto said that the possibility of a US default is unlikely because it would be catastrophic

4. The president of Ripple said that the acquisition of bitstamp will help expand Ripple’s global influence

5. Filecoin storage providers can provide blocks and files via http

Market analysis:

Yesterday morning, the big pie dipped to around 25800 area and then began to rebound, out of the trend of shocks and slow rise. After a night of consolidation, the big pie is currently running around 26400. Judging from the current disk, the 4-hour line currency price is in the Bollinger The lower part of the middle track gradually fluctuates upwards, the energy of MACD shorts shrinks, the two lines show signs of a golden cross, and the third line of KDJ also turns upwards, and there is still a certain amount of space above. The upper space reaches the pressure level, otherwise, if it does not break through, it will retreat again to accumulate strength and consolidate. Looking at the daily line level, the decline of short positions has also stopped. There is a certain rebound demand whether it is from the structure of the decline or above the support level. You can step back and do more.

Operation suggestion:

The pie is more than 26000-26200, look around 26800

The ether is more than 1760-1780, look around 1830

The market changes again and again The analysis given in this round is also a suggestion given according to the market trend, and the appropriate entry point is given through the corresponding trend and indicators. When we analyze the market, we must pay more attention to support and pressure before going Only in this way can we make steady profits, and we must also give appropriate stop loss points according to our own positions. Prevent unnecessary losses caused by sudden changes in market trends. At the same time, my suggestions and analyzes have a certain timeliness, so please refer to them carefully.

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