5.25 night ether analysis and operation suggestions

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Market review:

Yesterday’s short trend was relatively strong. Our long and short orders were repeatedly frustrated, piercing layers of support, but after stopping the decline, they oscillated, and the Asian market did not fluctuate much. To sum up, yesterday’s overall trend was in a strong unilateral downward trend. It walked out of the same script as the last Shanghai ether upgrade. It rose first and then plummeted. No one can maintain a 100% winning rate all the time. Apart from psychological failure, there is no failure in this world. As long as you don’t get down from the bottom of your heart, you must still have a chance. I also said in the previous article that if my direction is reversed, the trend is coming, just follow the trend. Yesterday the ether followed the big pie and fell synchronously. The ether went down from the high point around 1880 to the 1775 area and fell to around 1775. The rebound stopped and the rebound was weak. The ether continued to go back and down at midnight in the white market. In the morning, it was under pressure and fell to the bottom near 1810. The ether low point to 1758 stopped falling and rebounded slowly. At present, the currency price is fluctuating around 1800, and the overall situation of the slow rise and fall of ether is still in the shock range, but there is no market or enough volume for both long and short sides to form a breakout in the short term. It can be seen that In recent days, the bulls reversed around 1860 several times and then fell back to the bottom, while the bears failed to break through the support area. Here we still need to mention in the previous article the position of the weekly K mid-rail support 1760 that we saw before. Let’s see Look at the trend of the ether market in the evening.

Market analysis:

Let’s look at the 4-hour chart, we can see that Ethereum broke the new low of 1758 at around 9 o’clock in the morning and then pulled back to around 1785, indicating that 1750 is a short-term support position, and the current currency price is fluctuating around 1800, looking at the Bollinger Bands The three-line KDJ line is in an upward trend, the MACD two-line fast line has an upward trend, and the short energy column continues to send out shrinking signals. The overall trend is still weak. Personally, there is still To explore the demand for stepping back, look at 1800-1830 for upper suppression, and 1750 for lower support. The idea is to suggest that the rebound should be high and low, supplemented by low and long. Guidance, the market fluctuates relatively quickly. Due to the impact of audit timeliness, for the follow-up market trend, the real-time layout of the real market is the main one. Currency friends who need contract guidance can scan the QR code at the bottom of the article and add my official account)

Operation suggestion:


26400-26600 is not broken, empty, look at 26000, stop loss 300 points

26000-25800 is not broken, more, look at 26400, stop loss 300 points


1800-1820 is not broken, empty, look at 1760, stop loss 30 points

1750-1720 is not broken, more, look at 1800, stop loss 30 points


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