3 Reasons Why Terra Luna Classic Price Dropped to Zero and 5 Best Altcoins to Invest in

Terra Luna (LUNC) is a classic asset that exists in numerous cryptocurrency wallets. This is nothing new, as this is a coin that has been on the market for a long time and has seen considerable growth at some point, however, it is no longer proof and we will tell you why.

Why do LUNC eat dust?

The Crypto asset market is changing rapidly, and assets that are not suitable can quickly fall behind, just as they grow rapidly. LUNC has grown exponentially, but the price has fallen dramatically. Also, it most likely won’t recover. Check why:

  • Lack of market adaptability: Cryptocurrency projects are often able to update and therefore must adapt to the market. LUNC is an old project and has not undergone much innovation in the development process. So it ends up being obsolete compared to the assets that appear in the market.
  • Lack of usage in the market: Investors are increasingly savvy about the market and looking for tokens that have utility or solve real problems. Terra Luna is a token, which is more speculative and solves the problems of the ecology itself, so it is relatively backward.
  • Innovative new ciphers: Terra Luna is eating dust, especially since new ciphers are coming to the market that are innovative and dynamic, something that was missing from the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem.

Regarding these promising cryptocurrencies, let’s talk about some cryptocurrencies that are stealing the cryptocurrency market scene. This way, you can pick and choose what you like and buy the one that fits your wallet best.

Sponge – A highly viral viral asset of the SpongeBob character

SPONGE is a new highly viral cryptocurrency project inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon, a viral cartoon loved by many in the 90s as it aired for season 15 and infiltrated many people’s childhoods.

SPONGE Token is a decentralized meme coin built on the Ethereum network with ERC-20 token technology. This means that token transaction fees depend on Ethereum network fees, so there are a number of factors that affect fees including how busy the network is, how complex your transaction is, and how fast you want it to complete. trade.

However, investors should note that SPONGE is a meme coin and as such the token is simply a tribute to a beloved character with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. It’s worth remembering that memecoins are on the rise right now, so tokens like SPONGE have a paper gain of up to 800%, and you can cite Wonjak as an example, which has grown a lot recently.

SPONGE has seen considerable growth, which has caught the attention of investors because, unlike some cryptocurrencies in the market, they have undergone a pre-sale system. The pre-sale is the cryptocurrency stage where developers advertise the project and raise funds to develop all the features of the asset. Usually, pre-sold assets perform better in the market, while SPONGE does not have this stage, and its growth is admirable.

Even without the pre-sale stage, SPONGE is already listed on excellent exchanges and can currently be traded directly on the sponge.vip project website using the Uniswap widget.

visit $sponge

NoMeme (NOMEME) – One of the most popular meme coins on the market

$NOMEME, a highly viral new memecoin, emerged after Elon Musk tweeted about the Milady NFT meme with a text overlay, It read: “No memes. I love you”. Musk’s NoMeme tweet displayed all its marketable persuasiveness, racking up millions of views in addition to thousands of likes and retweets.

This made “NoMeme,” “nomeme coin,” and “nomeme token” top Google users’ search transactions and sweep Twitter. That’s because Musk has high influence and influence, look at what Tesla’s CEO has done with Dogecoin. Musk’s tweet sparked interest among traders in the new meme coin, called NoMeme (NOMEME), which surged nearly 10-fold within hours of its Uniswap listing.

The NoMeme project has created a simple website that allows users to purchase NOMEME tokens. Users can connect their cryptocurrency wallets to the Uniswap widget available on the website and simply swap popular assets like ETH to receive NOMEME tokens.

Like the SPONGE token, NOMEME did not go through a pre-sale phase and was soon listed on major exchanges such as Uniswap. Thus, the asset reaches a segment of the public who are looking for their first bucks and want to make big bets to get rich. Due to its insertion into the memecoins space, NOMEME is likely to gain more attention even if it is not in the new bitcoin market.

Visit NoMeme

AiDoge ($AI) – artificial intelligence and memecoin technology project

The AiDoge project is a new platform that provides an AI-driven meme generator that allows users to create funny and current images with high relevancy and high viral potential. The meme generator uses simple text-based commands and an ecosystem powered by the project’s native $AI token, credits need to be purchased to create images using the meme generator.

AiDoge’s pre-sale hardcap is $14.9M, and the asset pre-sale is organized in 20 steps, which may seem a bit long, but make no mistake, assets are running out at the speed of light given the active viral potential behavior.

This is because artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing areas of investment in the world, so this could be a very promising project that can provide good returns in the cryptocurrency market. Combining this tool with memes is an innovation that can give assets great potential.

Therefore, those interested in following all the updates of AiDoge can check out the project’s official Telegram channel. Experts think AiDoge could be the best pre-sale of 2023, so be sure to buy your tokens.

visit love dog

yPredict (YPRED) – Advanced Cryptocurrency Analysis and Trading

yPredict is a new pre-sale very useful to increase your return on investment. That’s because, the project envisions a tool that can provide valuable information by identifying more than 100 chart patterns, examining news cycles and social media sentiment, evaluating various technical indicators, and examining asset transactions.

The AI ​​for YPRED project uses its AI and ML-based predictive models, which can be commercialized on the yPredict platform, providing developers with a passive income stream corresponding to the accuracy of the models. This can increase your investment income and point out the best cryptocurrencies in the market to form your portfolio.

It is worth mentioning that yPredict is an AI tool-driven project that aims to help cryptocurrency traders increase profits using AI and ML. The pre-sale of yPredict’s native token, YPRED, is one of the most promising pre-sales in the market right now, attracting more and more attention from investors and traders. So buy before the asset runs out and the price rises.

For more information on this AI tool, join the yPredict group on Telegram.

Visit yPredict

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – Web-Oriented Platform 3

Joining the Web3 team can be difficult for some investors and this issue should be addressed with the new Launchpad XYZ project, which was developed to be a simplified and complete dashboard to help traders and investors focus on the most profitable Chance of hope. in the cryptocurrency market.

Like YPRED, Launchpad XYZ also uses artificial intelligence technology, with features such as market sentiment analysis, cryptocurrency market news, and in-depth research on new projects. The project also has an exchange within the ecosystem, ideal for investors to trade easily.

$LPX, the native token of Launchpad XYZ, is at the heart of how the dashboard works and offers users many benefits including discounted transaction fees, access to new presales, and more.

The pre-sale is already underway, and early investors can get handsome returns. Also, it’s worth remembering that the LPX presale sells ridiculously fast, meaning there isn’t much time to buy assets before it runs out.

Visit Launchpad XYZ

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