3 altcoins set to surge in next crypto bull run, analysts say

Several altcoins are gaining attention for their potential in the next bull run. Nick, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst and host of the Cheeky Cryptocurrency YouTube channel, identified three specific altcoins that he believes will see significant growth in the upcoming market surge.

Nick’s analysis highlights the unique features and potential growth trajectories of these altcoins based on current market trends and developments. These predictions provide insights into who might be the next big mover in the cryptocurrency world.

Three altcoins poised to surge higher

Solana (SOL) is one of three altcoins that caught Nick’s attention due to its chart structure and potential scalability. Despite initial hesitation, the analyst acknowledged Solana’s strong technical setup, which he believes could push its price to “amazing highs” during the next bull run.

Nick predicted that Solana could target as high as $7,500, but he also gave a more conservative estimate of $2,000, considering potential future developments that could impact its growth.

Solana (SOL) Price Chart on TradingViewSolana (SOL) price is moving sideways on the 4-hours chart. Source: SOL/USDT on TradingView.com

Nick said that while Solana is currently trading close to $60, a more realistic short-term target might be $600 to $700.

The analyst advised investors to be cautious about the potential market impact when large amounts of SOL become available for sale after the lock-up period, and to consider this in their investment strategies. Nick pointed out:

Obviously, there are many [Solana] Tokens locked for Solana, so we’re basically starting to see a lot of tokens being distributed, and the lockup is expiring in March 2025, so that means we really want to make sure that before those billionaires are able to Exited our positions and dumped them on us.

Chainlink (LINK) is also another altcoin spotted on Nickelodeon’s radar. The analyst appreciates Chainlink’s importance in the blockchain industry and predicts that its increasing exposure and adoption could lead to an influx of capital.

Nick’s theoretical prediction is that the price of Chainlink will reach $2,300, while a more reasonable expectation is that its price will be between $200 and $400 during the next cryptocurrency bull run.

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