3.17 The long-short double kill market is about to patronize the market

If you don’t clench your fists, you don’t know how strong you are; if you don’t clench your teeth, you don’t know how hard your persistence is; if you don’t stomp your feet, you don’t know how decisive you are Just how right; if you don’t stare, you don’t know how strong your heart is. The strongest competitiveness has only two words: action. Only if you work hard enough, you will be lucky enough.

Market review:

The market in the currency circle this week can be said to be very satisfying. After the big pie came out of the bullish trend on the weekend evening, it successfully opened an upward channel and continued to increase the price of the currency. The big pie also set a new high for the year after the bulls increased their volume three times. At 26500, the ether high point reached 1780. After that, it began to retrace. Yesterday, it mainly went out of a consolidation and repair market. It was not until four hours in the morning this morning that the market gave the advantage to the bulls again, and completed the fourth round of this week in the morning. For the second time, the bulls increased the volume, and the pie rose from 25,000 to 25,800. The ether rose from 1,670 to 1,725. At present, the pie is running around 25,700, and the ether is running around 1,705.

The current record this week is 3 orders in profit. Although yesterday’s short position gave the entry point, it was quickly regained by the bulls. The big pie lost 500 points, and the ether swept 40 points.At present, we only have short-term and long-term orders on the 15th to guide everyone.

Then continue to hold this order first, maintain the previous operation thinking, and see new highs. Now let’s go back to market analysis.

Market analysis:

Regarding the announcement of market news, it is worth paying attention to the option delivery at 4 pm today: $1.17 billion BTC and $490 million ETH option contracts expire today. This news is undoubtedly positive for the market.Regarding the release of CPI data and the expectation and analysis of the Fed’s interest rate hike next week, I have explained it clearly to you in the first two articles.

The CPI data is in line with expectations, and it is difficult to see a recovery in the news and market data that the Fed will raise interest rates by 50 basis points next week. The currency has not seen a collective sharp decline. This data is not very strong. Obviously, the Fed must now pay attention to financial stability issues, so I personally think that the Fed will not raise interest rates next week. Even if it does, it will only increase by 25 basis points. So if it develops according to this idea, it will maintain a bullish market for the currency circle.Let’s see the next plate

Looking at it in four hours, to be honest, the indicators are still relatively messy. After opening the ascending channel for the third time, the big pie began to weaken, and it has stepped back in the same range. The four-hour K line has five consecutive negatives and five consecutive positives. It can be seen that both long and short sides are striving to compete for the market. In the morning, the bulls increased their volume once to regain their advantage, but they did not continue to raise the currency price. The Bollinger Band began to open, the currency price is currently running near the upper rail, the KDJ three-line opening is running upward, the MACD fast line is approaching the slow line, and there are signs of crossing the slow line to form a golden cross. With the news dominating the market at present, it is difficult to have room for manipulation in the indicators. On the whole, the market sentiment is still biased towards the bulls. According to the above analysis, the market will not continue to go unilaterally under the circumstances of these one-sided good news. In the past, Gouzhuang There is bound to be a long-short double-kill market. I personally think that the market will be given to the multi-army first. After all, the stimulus on the news is ahead. If the intraday funds are not supplied, the price of the currency will rise, and the catastrophe will come. At the time, at least back to the first support level or even lower.

Operation suggestion:

The above-mentioned 24300 entry long orders will continue to be held first, and they are still expected to reach new highs. If as expected:

Big pie can place empty orders above 26500, see to 24500, expected to hold positions for three to five days

Ether can place empty orders above 1780, see 1630, and expect to hold positions for three to five days

For the market guide, you can scan the QR code to add a WeChat official account. I wish everyone a successful start in the currency circle and make money every day!

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