3/15/World Community: ETH remains strong; it will enter a correction in the short term…

3/15/World Community: ETH remains strong; it will enter a correction in the short term…

The live broadcast room shares the application methods of various mainstream technical indicators, as well as the technical form analysis of the day;


ETH sky chart: The market price of Ethereum continued to rise strongly yesterday and once broke through the annual resistance of 1750, the highest reached 1780, encountered resistance and fell back to the resistance and closed at 1700; technical analysis yesterday, daily K received a shooting star single K that rose and fell back It is understood as a[bearish]signal, and at the same time a false breakthrough behavior; can this signal be used to start the main bearish position? The answer is no; this round of bullish market has bottomed out from 1360 to 1780, and there is no sign of ending; at present, we need to understand that after a wave of bullish market at the daily level, the market needs to have a correction stage; this correction range is expected to be in The three price ranges are 1780-1660-1600 for shock arrangement; in the short term, you can start to have the idea of ​​selling high and buying low; students who are mainly short-term thinking need to be in the strong resistance zone 1780-1760 before they can consider whether to intervene in the high altitude; Keep the long-term thinking unchanged, so I recommend these two short-term support areas of 1660-1600 to find long-term opportunities!

【ETH /4 Hour Chart】

ETH/4 hours: technical trend yesterday evening a strong Yang really broke through 1750 and closed directly after 1779 and fell back under the resistance zone; the same market gave several information, we need to carefully understand the first point 1780 short-term strong resistance Formed; the second point is that the three moving average 10-15ema was tested to a supportive price[1650-1660]and received a stop hammer signal; the short-term price deviates far from the 50MA and needs to enter a sufficient adjustment to make a structure before it can be further improved Good long performance; of course, we also need to pay close attention to the possibility of making a top structure before the market goes out of an effective bottom structure; if the top structure is established; then we can start to consider looking for short positions to enter the market. Sell ​​high and buy low! Before the structure is clear, we will continue to maintain the main low-multiple thinking for the time being!

【ETH 1-hour chart】

ETH 1-hour intraday operation plan; the price rose from 1780 and fell back to the lowest test near 1700 to 1660 to close a standard bullish hammer line pattern; indicating that the short-term support is valid and waiting for the second confirmation to step back and not break. Focus on the opportunity for bulls to intervene; short thinking Students must look for opportunities for blocked signals near strong resistance 1780-1760; try not to short!

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Recommended ideas[Looking for long opportunities]

Entry Requirements[Short and long need to match the signal]

Support 1650-1620/Resistance 1780-1750

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