3.15–3.16 The Federal Reserve is not expected to raise interest rates in March, a signal for a bull market?

Sometimes, life is a kind of compromise, tolerance and accommodation. Not everything is suitable for tit-for-tat and forceful. Colorful life, both sunny and pouring rain. Being tough has the advantages of being tough, and being patient has the advantage of being patient. At any time, one needs to assess the situation and act appropriately. Persist in what you choose and believe in what you insist on, which is your own correct path. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, what matters is that you be yourself and do what you think is right.

Strategy review:

Yesterday’s strategy, ETH1730–1750 was successfully activated, the market’s highest hit the 1780 line and fell back, the lowest touched the 1660 line, and there is a short-term profit margin of nearly 80 points.

BTC strategy: 24100–23800 long order entry – 25300–25600 short order entry, long and short double profit, the highest market hit the 26300 line, then fell back to the lowest 23800 line, and then rebounded again and the highest touched the 25100 line, short-term long orders have 1000 1,800 pips of profit margin for empty orders,

Congratulations to my friends

ETH strategy analysis:

The ETH market is as expected yesterday. The market fell back after the CPI announced a rapid rise in the evening. The daily market is currently showing 5 consecutive positives. On March 14, the K-line pin broke through the first-line pressure of 1750, and fell back when it touched around 1780. Judging from the current MA average , the market is above the MA moving average, the MA7 daily moving average crosses the MA14 daily moving average, showing signs of forming a golden cross upward, the KDJ indicator runs upwards, and the MACD indicator red hollow kinetic energy column is heavy. The current general trend of the daily line is still dominated by bulls, but the main The K-line in the picture did not stand firm before breaking through and formed an upward-pinning K-line. The market is likely to fluctuate and fall or range consolidation. After the short-term 4-hour market touched the 1780 line yesterday and fell back, the market touched the MA14 moving average and rebounded. The third line of the KDJ indicator showed The dead cross is downward, the red entity kinetic energy column of the MACD indicator shrinks and decreases, and the two lines turn heads. In the short-term market, attention is paid to the support of the MA14 moving average. If you step on it, the market heat will cool down slightly, and the market will not rise too much again. The main focus is on the previous high pressure. It is recommended to take advantage of the trend and focus on low and long

martin daily strategy

Suggestions for ETH intraday operation:

1620–1640 Multiple orders enter the market

1740–1770 Short orders enter the market

Suggestions for BTC intraday operation:

24100–24300 more orders enter the market

25800–26000 empty orders enter the market

Operational suggestions are for exchange only, and you can pocket your own profits if you have profits. Specifically, Martino’s firm offer suggestions are the main ones.

I’m Brother Martin, I don’t exaggerate, I don’t talk, I don’t talk, I only have points! Welcome to scan the QR code to pay attention to the official account “Martin Daily Strategy”

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