3.14 What will the release of CPI data bring to the market?

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Market review:

The big pie fluctuated slightly on the weekend for two days, and the currency price remained in the range of 19800-20500. The competition between the long and the short sides was not too fierce. Until Sunday afternoon, the market gradually showed the advantage of the bulls. , the bulls began to increase the price of the currency, from the position of 20300, it continued to rise by 2,000 points, and the high point was given to 22600, and the ether rose from 1460 to 1624. To 24500, ether directly reached 1700 from Friday afternoon until yesterday afternoon. The article clearly gave everyone the operation idea of ​​doing more

The current market has directly broken our expectations and overfulfilled our first profit goal. Those who have kept up with the currency friends who have not yet stopped the profit have to hurry up and close their positions, and the partners who have not kept up will not Don’t worry, the market of the currency circle happens every day, so how should the layout be done next? Let’s go back to market analysis.

Market analysis:

In terms of news, we have to focus on tonight’s CPI data. The current bad news in the market is separated from Powell’s two hawkish speeches before. Now the main reason is that the non-agricultural data is lower than expected, but it exceeds 300,000. The increase in the number of unemployed people and the reduction in wages are two good news for the market. Judging from the news alone, the recent trend of the market still depends on the cpi of the day after tomorrow. I personally think it should be lower than expected. If it really will If this is the case, then the currency price will rise again in the near future. The first position of the pie is 25500, and the ether is 1800. Then the big pie will be at 24500, and the ether will fluctuate around 1750. If it exceeds expectations, it will depend on the intention of the dealer whether it will be smashed again.Let’s talk about raising interest rates again. If the market develops according to my point of view and CPI is lower than expected, then the probability of raising interest rates is 25 basis points. Look at 28,000. If the heavy volume breaks through, then you can look at 30,000. For ether, you can look at 1900, 2000. Of course, everything has two sides. If the cpi exceeds expectations, and the interest rate is raised by 50 points, it is very likely to go down and drop above the support level of 20,000 go

From the perspective of the four-hour line, the market is still divided into three stages. After the bulls increased their volume yesterday morning, the big pie is running in the middle stage. Last night, the bulls once again increased their volume to raise the currency price. It has not yet broken through the second stage. The trend A U-shaped bottom was formed on the top, the three Bollinger lines gradually began to spread, and the opening expanded slightly upwards. The third KDJ line began to converge, and is currently running near 100. The MACD fast and slow lines are opening upwards, and the bullish energy column is pulling in a large amount. After the currency price rose, it began to weaken, and the third line of RSI went up from the opening to the level. On the whole, the currency price has the meaning of a correction, so how the trend will go in the future depends on which side the market sentiment will be biased after the release of the CPI data tonight.

Operation suggestion:

So let’s take a look at the operation idea of ​​today’s white market. Aggressive currency lovers can enter the market above 24300 and make a short space. The stop loss must be given. It can be placed at 24700. The target is 23500. 1710, the target is 1610. The general trend is still bulls, this short order is only suitable for you to take at most one day, or even half a day.

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