3/14/Tianxia Community: The strong shock of ETH has been determined; whether it can be transferred to a bull still needs to be confirmed?

3/14/Tianxia Community: The strong shock of ETH has been determined; whether it can be transferred to a bull still needs to be confirmed?

The live broadcast room shares the application methods of various mainstream technical indicators, as well as the technical form analysis of the day;


ETH Sky Chart: Yesterday Ethereum continued to be strong, Hengqiang continued to make efforts to rise to the 1700 integer mark without sufficient adjustment; day K continued to close a big positive line with an increase of 6% and closed at 1673; the last two weeks From the perspective of the trend, the strong fluctuation in the range of 1750-1350 and up to and down 400 US dollars in the large box has been confirmed, but whether it can break the box pattern upward and turn into a “bull market” still needs continuous observation. Two extremely important actions can occur. The first is Level 1-4H requires an adjusted structure; this structure can give us information in advance whether to build a bottom or a top; the conclusion of the information is to build a bottom, then continue to fluctuate in a wide range; if it is a bottom, there will be a high probability of going up to break the box structure Continue to go up to 1800 or even higher to 2000; no matter whether the upside can be broken or not, it is good to continue to maintain a long-term thinking in recent days! Try not to grab the top! The result of drying is as shown in the figure below! ! !

【ETH /4 Hour Chart】

ETH/4 hours: The 4-hour level is still strong and 1700 will be a relatively important short-term resistance. Keep the bullish thinking waiting for adjustments and look for long entry opportunities in the 23.6%-38.2% callback range; do not chase more; try not to catch the top[ Except small chance]

【ETH 1-hour chart】

ETH 1-hour intraday operation plan; 1-hour level is expected to have a need for shock consolidation in the short term; as shown in the figure, the two trends will have the opportunity to appear The first is a high-level strong consolidation and a similar triangular arrangement structure; the second is a N-segment retracement Up to 38.2%[1600-1580]No matter which range is tested, there is a second test to stop the bullish bulls with a small structure can try to intervene; defend below the new low +; the target is 1680-1700-1740

Short wait and see for the time being!

For more details, please enter the live broadcast room to discuss and exchange!

Recommended ideas[Looking for long opportunities]

Entry Requirements[Short and long need to match the signal]

Support 1640-1600/Resistance 1680-1700

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