3.13 The weekly closing line closed yesterday due to a strong rise and directly closed a long needle positive line. The follow-up operation is here

3.13 Market Analysis

Due to a wave of strong rise yesterday, the weekly closing line directly closed a long needle Yang line with a strong rebound signal

At present, this wave of rebound is due to the Fed’s action. The Fed announced a new bank financing plan, which led to a 50 basis point increase in the market’s expectation of a Fed rate cut in 2023. The probability plummeted from 75% to less than 10%.

From a technical point of view, the weekly line has completed bottoming, including the two-day line, etc.

While the daily line forms a V, it turns out to be Yang Baoyin

In the early morning of yesterday morning, the empty back step near 1550 never fell below 1500, and then broke through 1550 to form a new wave of rises. The highest reached around 1620. The small level has started a bull counterattack and it is very violent. Follow-up is the first to pay attention to the first-line pressure at 1650.

The second one focuses on the ups and downs in front of 1680

Intraday summary: the upper pressure is 1650


The lower support is 1550


Breakthrough order: If it breaks through 1650, take advantage of the trend and take profit. 80 breaks around 1680 and holds to see new highs

In the short term, because the market changes rapidly, we will not introduce too much here. Ok, the market today is like this, I wish you good luck, and welcome everyone to join the community. If there is any change in the market, we will remind you as soon as possible in the community, pay attention Official account: Ambush Notes.

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