3.13 Affected by the positive news, the market breaks the weak structure and the monthly line is expected to turn negative

Currency circle information

March 13 Hotspot;

1. The three major U.S. stock index futures rose, with the S&P 500 up 1.6%

2. Goldman Sachs: Maintain the expectation that the Fed will raise interest rates by 25 basis points in May, June and July

3. HSBC Holdings may be interested in bidding for the UK branch of Silicon Valley Bank

4. SVB Securities management is exploring options to buy back the company from its parent

5. Opinion: Encryption capital market is basically back to before 2014, start-up companies no longer have the opportunity to cooperate with banks

6. Changpeng Zhao: The bailout will make banks lose the incentive to manage risks, and it is recommended that regulators only compensate depositors

Trading experience

You must have heard the word “hedging” in the currency circle. What I want to tell you today is that although hedging sounds good, it may not be suitable for everyone. That’s why. The so-called hedging is originally an operation to protect the principal after the initial misjudgment. Its function is not to make a profit, but to ensure that the principal will not decrease. However, many currencies have led to more losses after hedging. In the trading market, if you are not professional enough at present, don’t try professional operation methods that you have not mastered. You should continue to use the so-called trading system. If the result is good, it is the most suitable one. If it is not suitable for you, it is not recommended to use it no matter how beautiful it looks.

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There was little fluctuation in the white market yesterday weekend. In the evening, the positive news stimulated the currency price to rise upwards. Although there was a back step during the period, it failed to continue. The bulls went up all the way, and the highest touched the 22588 line and fell back under pressure. Congratulations to friends who followed yesterday’s thinking , the current currency price is running around 22211, and the bulls at the four-hour level are gradually increasing their volume and the double-line golden cross is running upwards. It is still difficult to break through. If the short-term long position can weaken, we will first look at the callback. The daily K-line closes in the sun, and the short position gradually shrinks. It is expected that the monthly line has a chance to form a yin-to-yang trend. In terms of thinking, it is recommended to step back and step on the low and mostly high-altitude supplemented by the upper suppression of 22600-23000 and the lower support of 21600-21300



The trend of Ethereum yesterday was the same as that of the big pie. The fluctuation space in the white market was small and the overall volatility was within a narrow range. The positive impact in the evening broke the shock pattern and pulled up. Then the bulls continued to go up all the way and hit the 1621 line and fell back under pressure. Congratulations for keeping up with yesterday’s thinking Friends, the current currency price is running at the 1589 line. The four-hour market fell to the lowest level of 1369 and then stopped falling and rebounded. It is high and under pressure, so it is not suitable to chase high. The overall trend of Ethereum is stronger than that of the big pie, and there is a trend of leading the rise first. The stable ones will step back and then treat them with low prices. If they are aggressive, they will be empty before buying. The top is suppressed at 1620-1650, and the bottom is supported at 1575-1535

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