3.12 The weekend trend is slow and the whole is in a range of shocks. History 312 will not reappear

Currency circle information

Hot on March 12;

1. The Bank of England has closed the UK branch of Silicon Valley Bank

2. Blockchain.com has resumed stablecoin trading

3. The Fed is considering creating a fund to guarantee deposits in the event of more bank failures

4. SVB Securities management is exploring options to buy back the company from its parent

Trading experience

I would rather not make money than lose money

Perhaps this view is a bit negative, but it is the most effective way to make profits in the current situation where contract trading has many disadvantages. For individual investors, not making money and losing money are definitely two different concepts. Although you didn’t make any money, your analysis and judgment are still correct in many cases. It’s just that you didn’t dare to stick to your point of view and didn’t have enough courage to enter the market, so you lost opportunities to make profits again and again, leaving only regret and a little regret That’s all. There will be countless opportunities in the future, as long as you can be good at summing up the lessons of the past, you can still maintain a good attitude to make profits. Losing money proves that your analysis and judgment are wrong. You must review yourself, but the most important thing is that it disturbs your mentality for future trading. Facing a loss-making certificate of deposit, the first thing you think of is how to avoid inquiries from family and friends, and the second is anger at your own stupid behavior, especially when you see your partner making money when you lose money, you will naturally try everything Make up for losses and recover profits.

Real offer trading is difficult for individual investors. Sometimes we often find that it may take a lot of trouble to make a profit of 2%, but a loss of 2% is almost in the blink of an eye. A loss is only double the amount of money lost, and it is necessary to earn twice the amount of money to recover the profit. Losing money itself has made you timid and lose confidence in your decision-making ability. The urgent need for profit makes you act blindly and not calm down. more dangerous. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to rather not earn than lose, especially when we are not sure about the market. Only by looking at every fluctuation in the market with a normal mind, avoiding greed and panic, not seeking to become a master of selling tops and buying bottoms, but only following the trend, can we achieve success. Otherwise, it is probably not too far to join the team of “masters” who buy tops and sell bottoms.

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The big pie came out of the white market yesterday, and the lowest fell to 19,768 first-line support and rebounded. Then the market fluctuated all the way up, and once again pulled back above 20,000 to recover the lost ground. Congratulations to friends who followed yesterday’s thinking and made a profit of 600 points. The current currency price is 20,415 Running around, the four-hour level market once again confirmed that the bottom support has not been broken and came out of the rebound. The macd turned short and the double-line golden cross moved upward. A breakthrough will lead to further upward movement. The daily line-level short position shrinks and the k-line closes positive. The short-term short position has stopped falling and has bottomed out. There is a demand for a rebound within the day. -19800



Ethereum showed a trend of rising and falling in the white market yesterday, the lowest fell to 1409 first-line support and rebounded, and then the market slowly rose, and the currency price returned to 1477 in the morning. point, the current currency price is running around 1462, and the four-hour level market is blocked when it goes up to around 1480, showing a trend of stepping back. Below, pay attention to the support of 1446. It will continue to rise if it does not break through. Continuation, the overall range is volatile, if it can break through 1480, the market will go up further, the intraday thinking suggests that before the range is broken, the high-altitude and low-many should be treated, the top suppresses 1480-1500, and the bottom supports 1446-1410

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